Samsung Moving All Its Devices To Tizen OS? What Happens Next?


Samsung Tizen Mobile OS

World’s largest OEM building Android devices is now considering to move away from Google Android operating system, according to a report by Korea times. Recently, Samsung became the top smartphone OEM in the United States by dethroning Apple as the smartphone leader.

Last month it was reported that Samsung is planning to move away from Android Wear platform for its future smartwatches, and now we are hearing that Samsung is planning to move its entire Android fleet to its home-baked Tizen OS.

It is worth noting that Samsung has already launched smartphones based on this OS in India and the results have not been so bad. This is part of Samsung strategy to have its own ecosystem by cutting its heavy reliance on Google for providing the operating system for its devices.

“If you don’t have your own ecosystem, then you will have no future,” said a Samsung executive.

The executive also mentioned that the company will also provide more incentives and support to the Tizen developers.

This would come as a huge blow to Google as Samsung is its largest Android OEM. It is only Samsung that competes head-on with Apple in the smartphone market. Other OEMs are not even close to Apple in terms of overall smartphone sale.

Samsung is considering this move for having a full and tight control over its hardware and for developing its own ecosystem just like Apple. Fragmentation has been a huge problem for Android developers and with this move Samsung can put an end to it. It is due to this reason that many developers focus only on iOS.

Google is working hard to combat this issue but perhaps Samsung has something else in mind. Samsung Z smartphones powered by Tizen OS have been popular in India, according to a Samsung executive.

“During the first quarter of this year, Samsung sold about 64 million phones there,” the executive added.

Well, even if we talk about these 64M Tizen smartphones I clearly don’t think that it will easy for Samsung to move its loyal customers away from Android because for many “Android smartphone” and “Samsung Galaxy” are synonymous to each other.

The Korean company would need to do much more than selling a good number of Tizen based smartphones in India if they want to capture the mature smartphone market in the US. Samsung is also planning to bake support for ‘Samsung Pay’ into its Gear S2 smartwatch based on Tizen OS by the end of this year. The company is also planning to add iOS support to its Tizen OS lineup.

It will definitely take some time for the Korean smartphone giant to convince users to move away from Android OS. Google will definitely not sit idle while Samsung does this. Let’s see what tricks does the big G has in its quiver to tackle this.

Are you ready to move to Tizen OS yet?

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  1. Anuj Singh says

    Apple Is much better than Samsung. recently after the update of iphone 5 Apple automatically switches from 3g to 4g … Samsung doesn’t stand in front of apple .

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