Reliance Jio Becomes 6th Largest Telco In Terms Of Data Usage Even Before Public Launch


Jio Data Services

Jio also known as Reliance Jio, which its chairman Mukesh Ambani called as the largest startup in the world is already showing signs of its greatness even before its commercial Public launch.

As of now the Jio network already has a total of 7 lakh users. Earlier only Jio employees and their friends or relatives could get a Jio connection via an invite system. Every Jio employee was able to invite 10 people to try Jio’s next generation 4G network at nominal promotional rates. Now, Jio has launched its official website for inviting network trial applications from the public. It is after the launch of that the Jio’s userbase has seen a surge.

Here Is How Telcos Rank In Terms Of Data Usage

As per the latest reports, Airtel maintains its leads as the market leader and generates a total of 45 PB (Peta Bytes) of data per month, while Jio generated a total of 13 PB data/month.

During the Q1 2016, Airtel had 55 million subscribers using 45 PB data. Vodafone had 47 million users consuming a total of 28 PB in the given month. Jio’s userbase in the given month was 7 lakh users who consumed 13 PB of high-speed data.

In terms of average data used per subscribers Airtel was at 0.81 GB per subscriber per month, Vodafone was at 0.59 GB per subscriber per month, while Jio was at 18.5 GB per subscriber per month.

In terms of average consumed by a subscriber Reliance Jio is the clear winner here, but this might be due to the unlimited 4G data scheme that the company is running in its network trial phase. The usage is also more because of the high-speed provided by Reliance Jio 4G network as compared to others who provide 4G network along with 2G and 3G technologies.

As of now 278 million Indian data users generated 202 PB of data in Q1 2016, with an average of 0.72 GB per user.

It was also reported that Jio generated 1.8 PB data in Gujarat alone. The telco is also looking to increase its subscriber base to 2.5 million subscribers before its commercial launch and generate 50 PB per month. The aim is to raise this figure to 100 million subscribers and 100 PB monthly data within a year of its commercial launch.

AS per the report, the highest data usage for Jio came from Kashmir with an average download of 3.48 GB/day which was followed by other regions like Jammu (2.4 GB/day), and Jharkhand, Assam, Odisha, Punjab, Haryana, UP-West, UP –East , Uttarakhand, and Gujarat having daily data usage of more than 2 GB.

Jio’s national voice usage/day averaged at 25 minutes. Delhi was the leader here with daily average of 31 mins and was followed by Odisha (30 mins), Bihar (29 mins), and Jharkhand and Kolkata (28 mins each).

This is the beginning of a new era in India. If the rumours pan out to be true and Jio does launch its 4G services at throw away prices, then we are in for a treat.


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