Flipkart Revises Return Policy from 30 Days to 10 Days, Demands Higher Commissions From Sellers!


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Few days back Amazon had revised their return and refund policy, where they reduced product return window to just 10 days along with completely doing away with refunds on electronic items. Now, Flipkart has revised their own return policy as well – The product return window for all good sold on Flipkart will now only 10 days down from 30 days.

While on the buyers side Flipkart has reduced the return window, on the seller side they have also increased the commission for product listing on their marketplace. The new commission rates will be applicable from June 20th, according to a ET Report.

Apparently, the reason for this change is address the concern of sellers, who face logistical nightmares when a customer returns their product. The seller also has to pay return shipping on the products that have been returned making it unviable for sellers.

Now, with increased commissions, the sellers will need to mark up their price by nearly 9-10% to keep up their earlier margins. Interestingly, Amazon too had increased their commissions levied to their sellers few days back.

The categories that will come under 10 day return policy include electronics, books and mobile phones which are also the top selling product categories. On the other hand, 30 days return policy will remain for clothing, footwear, watches, jewellery and fashion accessories.

In addition to this, Flipkart has now allowed sellers to pass on the shipping charges to buyers, which was not the case earlier.

Flipkart has also decided to discontinue their Zero+Commission Policy which was introduced recently. The company claims that these changes have been brought to ensure that sellers gain more control over their logistics and expenses, which in turn will lead to them offering ‘better customer experience’!

Flipkart has not made any comments on their refund policy, which we assume remains unchanged.

Next time you make a purchase on Flipkart, make sure you are aware of the exact shipping charges and their return/refund policy!

Source: ET

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