Cheating Is The Most Reported Cyber Crime In India; Maharashtra has Maximum Cases


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By 2020, India will have 175 million e-shoppers; by the end of June 2016, there would be 462 million Internet users in the country. The incredible pace with which Digital India is expanding has one evil side-effect as well: the rise of cybercrime.

As per latest data released by National Crime Records Bureau, cybercrime in India has increased by 19 times in the last 10 years. In 2005, there were only 481 reported cases related with cybercrime, which has swelled to 9622 in 2014.

Relatively, the number of arrests related to cybercrime has also increased due to activeness of our police department. Compared to 569 arrests of cyber criminals in 2005, there were 5752 arrests in 2014.

In fact, India’s reputation as hub of cybercrime has spread globally.

We are right now World’s #3 biggest country which is the source of ‘malicious activity’ on the Internet (read cybercrime); Second largest country as the source provider of ‘malicious code’ (read hacking) ; Fourth largest country as the ‘origin of web attack’ ; Eighth largest country for network attacks.

Interestingly, Norton had found that Rs 16,000 is the average price of cybercrime in India which 113 million Indians who were affected by cyber related crimes have individually paid, directly or indirectly.

Some other interesting facts about cybercrime in India:

– Compared to 2013, India witnessed an increase of 69% in cybercrime in 2014 with 9622 cases reported

7201 cases were filed under Information Technology Act whereas 2272 were filed under Indian Penal Code or IPC.

– Cheating is the most reported cyber crime in India as in 2014, 1115 cases were registered for this offense.

– Other prominent cybercrimes include: Greed/Financial Gain, Sexual harassment, insult to modesty of women, copyright violation

– In 2014, Maharashtra reported maximum cybercrimes at 1879, followed by UP (1737), Karnataka (1020) and Telangana (703)

– Maharashtra’s reports of cyber crime in 2014 actually increased 100% compared to 2013

– In terms of arrests, UP reported maximum action as 1233 people were arrested based on cybercrime related complaints in 2014; followed by Maharashtra at 942 and Telangana at 429

Thankfully, Indian Govt. is aware of the rising cybercrime issue in the country and they have already formulated robust plans to counter it.

A military style secret task force has been created which will stop cybercrime in India using some high level technology and strategies. Called Cyber Crime Coordination Centre or simply IC4, this task force was created last year, after rising reports of child pornography along with cyber crime in the country.

A special budget of Rs 400 crore has already been allocated to IC4 to fight cyber criminals; and considering that cybercrime has increased by 19 times in the last decade, such special task force was much needed in India.

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