Airbnb Emerges As The Best US Company To Work In 2016; Expedia Is #1 in UK


Best Places to Work For 2016-001

Glassdoor, the social media platform for sharing anonymous reviews about companies and employees, has come up with their latest ‘Best Companies to Work For in 2016’, and the bad news is Google has lost its position as the numero uno choice of employees.

Has Google’s mantra of ‘Doing no Evil’ changing?

US Companies

There are several surprises in this list; and the biggest one is that, Airbnb has beaten Google to claim the #1 position in this list for USA. Last year, it was Google which was hailed as the best tech company to work for in this list.

At #2 is Bain & Company, which is a global management consulting firm based in Boston. Last year as well, they were ranked #2.

At #3 is Guidewire, which is a Software publisher from California, whose employees have described the place as somewhere in-between startup culture and big corporate culture. Last year, it was not even in the top 20 list.

At #4 is Inbound marketing tech provider Hubspot, which is rapidly climbed to claim this spot; as last year, it was not included in this list.

At #5 is Facebook, which has improved its position drastically since last year, when it was ranked #13 best tech company in US to work for.

Linkedin is at #6, up from #23 last year; Boston Consulting Group is now at #7, dropped from #5 last year; Google is at #8, down from #1 last year; Nestlé Purina PetCare is at #9, down from #3 last year and Zillow is at #10, up from 33 last year.

UK Companies

Surprisingly, Expedia, another travel company is ranked #1 in UK as the most preferred tech company to work for in 2016. Last year, Expedia was ranked #25; and Google was ranked #1.

At #2 is Hays PLC; #3 is AKQA; #4 is GE; #5 is Schuh Ltd.; #6 is Oxfam; #7 is ARM Holdings; #8 is Google; #9 is Unilever and at #10 is London Underground.

Interestingly, Airbnb and Facebook is not present in the list.

Other Countries

This year, Glassdoor conducted their annual survey for other countries as well, and some very interesting names came out.

For instance, in Canada, a little known restaurant called Earls Kitchen and Bar is ranked #1 company for work in 2016 while Ceridian is ranked #2 and Apple is ranked #3. (In US, Apple is ranked #25 while in UK, it is not in the list!)

In France, Sanofi-Aventis is ranked #1 while Microsoft is ranked #2 (Microsoft is in the list for US and UK!) and Bouygues Telecom is ranked #3.

In Germany, the top three companies to work for are: Infineon Technologies (#1); Continental (#2) and Robert Bosch (#3).

You can view the entire list, based on countries here.

It is being expected that next year, Glassdoor may include Indian companies as well in this list. In case it happens, then which Indian company will you select as the best place to work?

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