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WiFire WiFi Hotspot finder

Has it ever happened to you that after searching for an hour, you finally got access to free WiFi around but had to fill in a detailed form to use it? Well you’re not alone because this problem is omnipresent. And there are really no services that will help ease your pain. At the max, some would give you location to nearest free WiFi hotspots so that you can access WiFi there.

A new application has just been released by Bangalore based Mobstac, named WiFire that not only tells you the closest free WiFi Hotspot, but also does the tedious job of filling out forms and entering the OTP(One Time Password) so that you can skip all the hassles and actually use the internet as soon as it is connected. It will search for WiFi around, auto fill all forms and connect to the WiFi exactly like your phone pairs at home.

As a move towards Digital India by Narendra Modi, many free WiFi services have popped up here and there in India. Nearly Rs 7000 Crore budget has been set aside to provide free internet to the public of India, with Delhi Government providing free WiFi to residents of Delhi as one of the key points in its agenda. If you’re a frequent visitor of Connaught Place in Delhi, you have probably typed in the username and OTP a lot of times to access free internet. Don’t worry, WiFire will solve such problems for you and make you feel like home.

Ravi Pratap Maddimsetty, CTO of Mobile Motion Technologies, said, “WiFire makes it possible to stay seamlessly connected to WiFi networks wherever you go. No need to type in passwords or fumble around trying to find a good network. It pops up helpful notifications whenever it can connect you to a free WiFi hotspot. It even logs you in by filling out cumbersome web forms and plugging in one-time passwords automatically.”

How will WiFire solve my problem?

WiFire will allow you to see any nearby location offering free WiFi services and connect with them automatically. You will not be entering any password or filling out phone number and addresses to validate your identity. The application will fill out everything for you, even the OTP so as to reduce the connecting period.

It sounds like nothing but a God-sent haven for college going kids. They can save their 3G or 4G internet bandwidth by connecting to nearby free WiFi hotspots around. In fact, free WiFi at bars, lounges, restaurants, metro stations, coffee shops etc can be instantaneously connected and used for internet services.

Bangalore’s major locations are already activated on this app, including Tata Docomo and Ozone WiFi areas, Kempegowda International Airport, KFC, Starbucks and McDonalds. KSRTC had announced free WiFi at bus stations last week and they are already a part of this service.

The free WiFi locations have been crowd-sourced by the users of this application, which ensures there is verification of these locations. As more and more such locations pop-up, they will be simultaneously added to the database of hotspots. The application grows as more and more users use it to access free WiFi in Bangalore and around.

There are also reward points and badges to users who add information on more such free WiFi hotspots. The points earned can be redeemed for free t-shirts, mugs and WiFi routers, which makes it a win-win situation for all.

We know you will delighted to use the app. You always expected free WiFi to be free and not full of form filling and other hassles. WiFire is making the task easy for you by notifying you of nearby free WiFi hotspots and giving your option of connecting to the strongest one.

You can download the app available on the Google Play Store from here.

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