Hyderabad Techie Alleges Rape After She Met A Man Via Tinder; Can the Dating App Be Blamed?


Tinder Dating App

A 32 year old techie from Hyderabad has alleged that a guy she met via dating app Tinder has raped her.

In her complaint, she has stated that 28 year old software engineer from Hyderabad, whom she was in contact using WhatsApp has raped her after giving her soft drink mixed with whiskey. After consuming the beverage, she was unconscious, and the alleged rapist took her advantage to violate her modesty.

Tinder, the immensely popular dating app, which claimed to support ‘1 billion’ swipes in a day, has witnessed meteoritic rise in India as well. In fact, such is the popularity, that they have decided to launch an Indian operations as well: their first ever International operations.

Tanu Kapoor, a Harvard graduate, has been assigned as Tinder’s India head as well.

As of 2014, Tinder has claimed to process 26 million matches in a day, with total of 10 billion matches till date, since their launch in 2012.

Will the rape incident sound trouble for Tinder in India, just like the infamous Uber incident, which has negatively influenced their expansion plans?

Can Tinder Be Blamed For This Incident?

As per reports emerging, 32 year old Hyderabad techie was in touch with the guy for last 6 months. On the day of incident, she was called out for a drive and coffee.

Allegedly, after the coffee, the guy asked the alleged victim to visit his house for exchanging some ‘notes’.

Next morning, when she reached her home and when her parents grilled her about last night, then she alleged rape. As per a police officer associated with this case, “The panicked victim disclosed that Vishnu took her out and sexually abused her..”

This proves that in order to hide her (mis)adventures, the girl blamed the guy with rape. It could have been consensual as well.

Considering that the girl and the guy, both were adults, and have been in touch for the last 6 months, the case of rape falls weak here. But going by the Indian laws, it can be really difficult to prove that the meeting and subsequent sex was consensual and not a rape.

Is Tinder Encouraging Rapes?

Tinder is no doubt, a platform to get connected; just like Facebook or Linkedin. However, the difference being that Tinder is focused on the ‘dating’ aspect of being linked up, and this can on some level encourage sexually frustrated people.

And this can be applied to all dating websites/portals/apps and not necessarily Tinder.

In fact, UK’s leading crime fighting body, National Crime Agency (NCA) has said that rape allegations linked with dating apps/website has witnessed a 6-fold increase in the last 5 years. In UK, 184 people claimed to get raped after meeting someone online.

Although technology can never inspire someone to rape; it can enable easier access to circumstances which can lead to rape. If you are using dating portals/apps or any other social media platform, then taking precautions is always recommended.

But at the same time, blaming technology for any unfortunate incident may not be the best practice.

Do you think Tinder can be blamed for this rape incident? Do share your views by commenting right here.

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