Hike Messenger Surpasses 100 Million User


Hike Messenger Growth Snapshot

Homegrown Hike Messenger has crossed a major milestone – They have crossed 100 million users mark. Hike’s growth has accelerate over past few months. They have added 30 million new users in last 3 months alone. The company did not reveal whether it is active or total user base.

Hike now has a monthly messaging volume of 40 billion message, which has also doubled in last 6 months. Users are spending over 120 minutes per week and viewing 11.2 news stories every day on average on Hike.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, CEO and Founder, Hike Messenger, “We’re off to a great start in 2016. Crossing 100 million users is a big milestone for us and we have achieved this well ahead of our expectations. Hikers aren’t only messaging and calling on Hike, they’re also reading News on Hike in Hindi and English, viewing live Cricket scores, getting inspired on Hike Daily, transferring huge files without internet on Hike Direct and so on. Hike has emerged as a true platform over the last year and in 2016 we’re going to double down.”

Hike Messenger Growth

Year 2015 was a great year for Hike’s growth. The company announced that they crossed 1 billion messages a day milestone in November of 2015. This number had more than double compared to what they had in 2014.

Hike launched it’s version 4 in August 2015 and their growth has accelerated after that. Within 3 months of launch, messaging volume moved up from around 700 million messages a day to around 1 billion messages by November 2015.

Here is a chart showing Hike’s Messaging Volume growth.

Hike Messaging Volume Growth

Version 4 was a major revamp which added features like photo filters and doodles to the app. Apart from it the new version also supported features like chat themes, voice calls, larger file transfers, larger groups among other things.

In October, Hike launched Hike Direct which enabled users to chat and share files even without internet connectivity. This feature seems to have been quite popular given the growth in their user over past 3 months.

While Hike has been growing well, it’s competitor WhatsApp has seen phenomenal growth over past couple of years. While we do not have latest figures, but WhatsApp is sitting pretty with over 1 billion active users!

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