Airtel, AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi Were Most Hated On Social Media; Mia Khalifa Most Wanted Porn Star – Goonj India Index 2015


The Most Hated Indians

Goonj Labs, who calls themselves as the ‘Most Advanced Entertainment Analytics’ ever has come out with their annual ‘Goonj India Index’ list for 2015. Based on the sentiments observed on Google searched, Facebook trends, Twitter trends and Youtube searches, Torrent searches and their own analytics engine, Goonj has attempted to decode what Indian felt and searched in 2015.

Surprisingly, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM, has been declared as the ‘Most Hated Indian’ on social media; while Airtel has become India’s most hated brand. The Airtel 4 ad campaign, featuring Sasha Chettri has been held responsible for this disastrous result.

If we talk about porn searches, then Mia Khalifa, has been declared as India’s most wanted porn star.


What Indians Hated in 2015?

Most Popular Indian Movie Stars

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP, both have topped as the most hated Indians and most hated political party in India. They are followed by Rahul Gandhi and Congress party as the 2nd most hated Indians and Indian political party.

Aamir Khan find himself at #3 on this list, as his ‘intolerance’ comment couldn’t justify and Arnab Goswami finds himself on #4 on this list. Other notable names which Indian hated include: Kamaal R Khan, Rahul Yadav (ex-CEO of, Honey Singh and Rajdeep Sardesai.

Salman Khan’s Reign Continues


Salman Khan has broken the female dominance when it comes to most searched celebrity in India. He has beaten Sunny Leone, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt and Aishwarya Rai to become India’s most loved celebrity. Even Shahrukh Khan is placed at distant 8th on this list.

Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma has proved his celebrity status as he has been ranked #1 popular TV Star in India.

IRCTC Is India’s Biggest Ecommerce Brand

When it comes to shopping online, then IRCTC brand is the #1 preferred choice for Indians, whose positive sentiments have been found greater than Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. Paytm and Redbus have made a debut in this list while MakeMyTrip, Yatra and Mydala was struggling for eyeballs. is the only in-house brand in this list, which speaks volume about their branding campaigns.

Most Hated Brand: Airtel

Most Hated BRands

Another surprising development is the fact that Airtel is the most hated brand in India. As per Goonj, their 4G ads can be an important reason for this development.

At #2 position is Facebook, which has received much negativity due to their Free Basics campaign while Vodafone and Flipkart find themselves at #3 and #4 positions.

Some other interesting highlights:

  • iPhone is the most desired brand in India, followed by Jaguar and BMW
  • Goa is the most preferred holiday destination for Indians, followed by Dubai and Darjeeling
  • Kim Kardashian is the most searched International celebrity, followed by Taylor Swift
  • Virat Kohli has become more popular than Sachin Tendulkar while Sachin Bansal is the most popular Indian entrepreneur
  • Biryani is the most sought after Indian dish online, followed by Palak Paneer and Ladoo
  • Pizza is #1 International dish preferred by Indians, followed by Bacon and Pasta
  • Beer beats Wine and Vodka top become #1 beverage choice for Indians

Here is the full Goonj India Index 2015

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  2. Ayush says

    Don’t show hatred about Indian companies, show hatred about only foreign companies.

  3. gagan says

    I believe Modi is the most hated personality in India. Don’t flood Hate post Respect your country

    One of the daily reader gonna unsubscribe from the list.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Dear Gagan,
      We are not spreading anything. If you see the post, it is a survey done Goonj.. Don’t kill the messenger :)

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