Sunny Leone Once Again Tops Google Searches by Indians, Yu Yureka Beats iPhone 6S in Gadgets


Google Top Searches 2015

With more than 1 trillion searches being done per year, which amounts to approximate 3 billion searches a day, Google is the big daddy of all intelligence tools ever created on Earth. When Google releases their list of top searches for 2015, especially for a country like India, then you need to sit up and take notice.

Unless, of course, you plan to stay in a cave for the next year..

Google has just come out with their top searches list for 2015, and surprises of all surprise await you: Sunny Leone, the ex-porn star and current heart throb of Bollywood has surpassed all Indian celebrities to become the most searched personality in India, once again.

Sunny Leone has successfully beaten Salman Khan (#2); APJ Abdul Kalam (#3); Katrina Kaif (#4) and Deepika Padukone (#5) to emerge as the most popular Indian celeb.

Shharukh Khan is placed at distant #6 and even Indian PM Modi failed to attract searches as he has slipped to #10 this year, from the high of #2 last year. In 2014 as well, Sunny Leone was the #1 searched personality in India.

Most Searched phrases

Flipkart Beats Amazon & IRCTC

In the ranking of search terms, Flipkart beaten IRCTC to become most searched term in India. Last year, it was IRCTC which was #1 searched term. Amazon, which was ranked #10 last year has climbed to #4 this year, as the ecommerce portals are becoming the most talked about topics in India. Paytm has made a debut with #10 rank this year, whereas Whatsapp is at #9.

Sunny Leone Beats PM Modi

In fact, for the category of Bollywood Actress, Sunny Leone is the #1 preference of Indian Googlers, as she has been ranked #1 personality there as well. Radhika Apte’s entry at #5 is the surprise this year, so is Poonam Pandey at #10.

Alia Bhatt has commanded a respectable #4 position, while Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is back with #7 rank.

Indian Searches 2015

Salman Khan Beats Shahrukh Khan

Among Bollywood actors, its Salman Khan at #1 who is ruling the charts (and hearts?) of Indian netizens, as he beat King Khan (Shahrukh) who is at #2. Akshay Kumar is now #3; whereas super star Amitabh Bachchan has slipped to #9.

Aamir Khan, who talked about intolerance and faced the wrath of the nation has been ranked #7, just above Varun Dhawan at #8 and below Ranbir Kapoor at #6. The hierarchy of male superstars is certainly changing in India!

Bahubali Beats Bajrangi Bhaijaan

In terms of movies, its Bahubali, which crossed Rs 250 crore mark in 7 days, and whose collections have been estimated at Rs 600 crore+ is the #1 searched movie this year, beating Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan (#2) and Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo (#3).

Chennai Floods Biggest Moment of 2015

The devastation and horrors of Chennai floods forced Indian netizens to talk about it, which prompted it to become one of the biggest moment of 2015 with 26 million Google searches. Star Wars, whose release was delayed due to Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale’s release generated 155 million searches while the gruesome and brutal Paris Attacks attracted 897 million searches.

With 9 million searches, Virendra Sehwag’s retirement was also talked about a lot, so was the destructions of Nepal Earthquake with 85 million searches.

Maggi’s ban prompted 32 million searches and Cricket World Cup early this year attracted 323 million searches.

YU Yureka Beats Iphone

And, there is another surprise in store for gadget fans: Indians searched YU Yureka from Micromax more than any other gadget, which includes iPhone 6S from Apple!

Moto G was placed at #5 while Lenovo K3 is ranked #3 and Lenovo A7000 is placed at #4.

You can checkout the complete ranking of various searches in Google for 2015 here. And the biggest moments of 2015 here.

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