Windows 10 Mobile to be Supported by Microsoft Till January 2018


Windows 10 Mobile New

Windows 10 for Mobile phones was a fresh change from the previous Windows versions in terms of fluidity, freshness and of course, the enhanced version of the much awaited Cortana. Unlike Android and iOS systems, Microsoft employs just one version for a longer period of time, sending out partial updates with newer builds for the users. Thankfully, due to lower system requirements, Windows phone updates are never too bulky and are available for nearly all the devices out there.

Microsoft has confirmed that they will provide support to Windows 10 Mobile till the end of 2017 for all the users. Although the software is yet to be released to the existing Windows Mobile users, there are already talks about its end. One interesting point to note is that WIndows 10 is the last avatar of Windows you will ever see and it could also mean the same for Windows 10 Mobile. Windows 10 Mobile for Business will also see the same fate owing to common platforms and management.

Here is what Microsoft has put out in regards to Windows 10 mobile lifecycle.

Windows 10 life cycle

The updates over the next two years will include security updates, software patches and updated builds. Of course, from time to time you will have to update your phone in order to get the best services. At the moment, we only have the recently launched Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL which are the flagship smartphones from the company, operating on the latest Windows 10 Mobile.

The message on the product lifecycle page reads, “The distribution of these incremental updates may be controlled by the mobile operator or the phone manufacturer from which you purchased your phone, and installation will require that your phone have any prior updates. Update availability will also vary by country, region, and hardware capabilities.” This means that updates will definitely vary across regions and mobile operator, so people in countries outside US will have to wait some more time for the updates.

At the moment, WIndows 8.1 is the latest build available to users, from last year’s 7.8 which did not see much support from Windows. However, Windows 10 Mobile is one of Microsoft’s best bets considering the variety of features and services clubbed in the operating system.

Even though Windows 10 Mobile requires some internal configurations and memory for support, most Windows OS devices in the country should be getting an update soon.

In India, Windows is synonymous with Lumia devices and there are barely any other competitors in the market. Considering Lumia is now a Microsoft brand, we could see stronger smartphones next year launching with the latest operating system. Lumia devices are usually priced lower than Android phones for the same specs and continue to be lag-free for two years of use. It will be interesting to see how this news works for the youth today who have been using Windows since eternity.


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