After Burger King, Café Coffee Day Partners with Swiggy for Home Deliveries


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Swiggy, one of the hottest Bangalore based Food Delivery startup has forged another big partnership with India’s largest Café retail chain Café Coffee Day. Just last week, they had announced their partnership with Global burger retail chain, Burger King.

Swiggy will now be delivering Coffee and various snack items from Café Coffee Day (CCD) menu. Currently, the initiative has gone live in the city of Bangalore – however, it will spread wings across various cities in a phased manner in coming months.

Bidisha Nagaraj, group president marketing, Café Coffee Day said, “Cafe Coffee Day has been at the forefront of every unique trend. We uphold the same spirit with our all new and exciting home deliveries offering. Cafe Coffee Day already enjoys a loyal base of beverage and cafe food lovers. With this move, we plan to create a 360 degree interaction with our customers strengthening CCD’s foothold in the food space as well”

For Swiggy, this is a major win. CCD has over 1500 cafes across 219 cities in India. The partnership will definitely help Swiggy scale up, both in terms of expanding to new cities new cities as well as in terms of growth of business.

How CCD Swiggy deliveries will work

Currently, 50 CCD outlets in Bangalore will offer home deliveries through Swiggy within 3-4 kilometer radius effectively covering the entire city. Customers can order CCD beverages and Snacks from their menu on Swiggy app. Based on the amount of time taken to prepare the order, Swiggy delivery executive will reach the café, pickup the order and deliver it at customers’ doorstep.

CCD has curated a special menu with some choicest offerings from light snacks to heavy meals to desserts and their popular hot & cold beverages. The pricing offered for Home Delivery will be comparable to the prices offered in physical café’s.

Based on the feedback received from Home Delivery customers , CCD will bring about changes to their menu or how they package the order!

So, next time you have feeling of having a CCD coffee or snack, no need to move an inch. Just fire up the Swiggy app and order.

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