1. Ravi Menon says

    Social media should not be forced, that is simply not “social” behaviour by an employer. TOI’s attitude should be condemned, but which journalist has the guts to stand up for fear of losing his job (the ultimate tragedy of all, as it appears)? Instead, he will simply embark on a new rat race rife with the inevitable quota of office politicking, unnecessary one-upmanship and back-stabbing — to add to the rubbish he has to endure in the course of performing his daily duties.
    Stories and articles are shared online on the basis of peer and reader reviews, and not by the writers/reporters themselves. Asking a reporter to crow about his own story online is not only crassly manipulative, but also reeks of bad ethics. What would the Jain seers think of such blatant self-promotion and ego trips using journalism as a handy tool?
    Let the readers decide whether a story is worth sharing or even reading.
    Nobody owns people just because they pay them a salary. Even daily wage labourers have the character to protest against bullying by their employers. Irritate even a dog repeatedly and it will at least bark at you, or if it comes to that, bite you. When will the middle class learn?
    At the end of the day, it is only a job, and companies and the coteries running them must realise that THE RIGHTS OF THE PERSON DOING THE WORK FOR WHICH HE/SHE IS PAID, IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE WORK ITSELF, variable pay or no variable pay.

  2. Ravi Menon says

    Journalists REVOLTING against unfair practices by their employer??!! Mohul, are we on the same planet?!!

  3. Vedant Goel says

    What’s wrong if they want to promote TO article more. They implemented sharing policy from last some months and they are getting more and more response from social media.

  4. TOI should first focus on making their website responsive before trying to go digital.

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