Google Maps Now Supports Offline Navigation In India. Is It Anywhere near HERE?


Google Maps

Almost every one of us have got lost in some unknown areas at some point or the other. The technology has made us so adventurous that we wish to explore new areas every time we visit a place. A part of this desire is fueled by our over reliance on the technology.

I literally go to a lot of new places thinking that my phone and Google Maps will help me from getting lost, but I still get lost! Many a times I land up in areas with no or spotty mobile internet connectivity, and that’s where Google Maps used to fail me. But not anymore…

Google has acknowledged this issue and has now launched offline Maps for India.

This launch of a new version of Google Maps comes just a week after Google began letting its Maps users download and retain tub-by-turn navigation.

What’s There & What’s Missing In The New Update?

With this offline mode support, Google Maps will show you the transit directions for car (not for public transport and walking directions). It will also not show you live traffic, at this point of time.

You can search for specific places and find useful information about various places with this new offline support in Google Maps.

  • All you have to do is to search for an area you’re interested in, and then Download it.
  • You can also add new offline areas to Google Maps by going to “Offline Areas”, tapping on the “+” button after selecting the area you wish to save for offline navigation.

Note: As of now, you can save areas for offline navigation only over a Wi-Fi connection.

Google Maps Vs. HERE MAPS

Soon after the launch of offline navigation in Google Maps, HERE Maps was quick to respond with a comparison between their offering and Google Maps.

If you scan through the comparison chart below, you’ll find out that HERE Maps is still way ahead of Google Maps in terms of offline navigation and other features. HERE Maps not only consumes significantly lesser storage space for storing offline maps, but also supports offline directions for going anywhere on foot and via public transport also.


All of this is enough for me to make an easy choice but more is yet to come. Google Maps will be updated again by the end of year with more features and then we will be able to do a better comparison.


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