PM Modi Is World’s 13th Most Influential Person; Debuts At Bloomberg Markets Power List


Narendra Modi Bloomberg Most influential

PM Modi debuted at the prestigious ‘Bloomberg Markets Most Influential’ power list, as he has been declared as the 13th most influential leader in the world. As per Bloomberg, PM Modi deserved this position because he won the elections by the widest margin, and right now, he has the power and authority to control World’s largest democracy.

Bloomberg said, “He won election in May 2014 by the widest margin in 30 years, giving him a shot at making some investment-friendly reforms that have faced stubborn resistance in the world’s largest democracy. India might grow faster than China this year,”

Janet Yellen, Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve has topped the ranking this year, as she is placed at #1 position, thereby becoming world’s most influential leader.

Besides PM Modi, the only other Indian who has made it to this coveted list is Ruchir Sharma, Head of Emerging Markets and Global Macro, Morgan Stanley Investment Management. By the age of 18, Ruchir had started writing about business and economics at various news papers; and his contributions caught Morgan Stanley, which hired him to head their Emerging Markets division.

Interestingly, Chinese President is ranked #2, meanwhile US President Barrack Obama has been ranked #6.

The list is dominated by politicians and financial wizards; however, there are three technology representatives as well: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, who has been ranked #3; Reid Hoffman, Co-founder, LinkedIn is at #10 and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon is rankled #15.

Here is the top 15 list of the World’s most influential and powerful persons:

  1. Janet Yellen, Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve
  2. Xi Jinping, President of China
  3. Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
  4. Larry Fink, Co-founder, BlackRock
  5. Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
  6. Barack Obama, President of the United States
  7. Carl Icahn, Chairman, Icahn Enterprises
  8. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs
  9. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
  10. Reid Hoffman, Co-founder, LinkedIn
  11. Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase
  12. Abigail Johnson, CEO, Fidelity Investments
  13. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
  14. Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bank
  15. Jeff Bezos, Founder,

Elon Musk, another influential person who is hell bent on redefining space technology and battery driven cars is ranked #25. Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor is the only automobile tycoon in this list, and has been ranked # 29. And Pope Francis is the only religiously influential person, ranked #31.

Modus Operandi of this Ranking

Bloomberg figured out the top 50 influential and powerful men by understanding their roles and responsibilities in the contemporary world order. This list has been divided into 6 different categories, which are: Corporate Power Builders, Policy Shapers, Money Managers, Bankers, Tech Builders and Thinkers.

Bloomberg consulted 9 different industry experts, who formed an advisory panel before deciding this list.

As per Bloomberg magazine, “The 50 people in our fifth annual Most Influential ranking are a varied group but have in common extraordinary success in their chosen fields.”

You can see the entire ranking here.

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