Indian Hackers Launch Massive Counter Attack; Hack 250+ Pakistani Websites After Attack On Kerala Govt. Website


Mallu cyber hack

In an interesting chain of events, Indian hackers launched a massive counter attack on Pakistani websites, after a hacker group from across the border attacked one Kerala Govt. website.

More than 250 Pakistani websites, which included official website of Pakistan’s President, official website of Pakistani Govt., official website of Pakistani Railways were hacked within hours of the incident.

Indian hacking group which call themselves “The Mallu Cyber Soldiers” claimed the responsibility of this retaliation. On Twitter, Indian Hacker News described this retaliation as ‘massive payback’. Another hacking group “Hell shield Hackers” have also openly participated in this counter attack.

How It Started?

Late Saturday night, official website of Kerala Govt: was hacked by a person, who named himself ‘Faisal 1337’.

The text on the homepage had an Indian flag burning, with text: “Official website of the RC Office,Govt of Kerala- New Delhi Hacked! Pakistan Zindabad

Below it, it was mentioned: “We Are Team Pak Cyber Attacker. Security is just an illusion.”

Faisal’s Facebook page also mentioned this attack.

This caused a huge backlash of protest on social media, as it was a direct case of assault on the Indian Govt. by a Pakistani hacker.

Counter Attack By Indian Hackers

Within hours, groups of various Indian hackers collaborated on a huge scale, and the launched a counter attack, which can be described as one of the fiercest we have ever seen.

After a couple of hours, an Indian hacker group named “The Mallu Cyber Soldiers” announced that 100+ Pakistani websites have been hacked/defaced in retaliation of the Pakistani hacker’s attack on Kerala Govt’s website.

They posted this on their Facebook page: “!!Message to Script Kiddies of Pakistan ….Do not touch Indian Websites !!! Now your 46 Pakistan government websites got crashed and 4 educational websites got defaced. This is a small payback for hacking

Faisal 1337 go home kiddo, you are F*ucked.”

They also shared the list of all the websites which had been hacked by that time.

Later, as more hackers assembled virtually, more Pakistani websites were defaced. Within 24 hours of the incident, Indian hackers claimed that 250+ websites from Pakistan have been hacked.

Although most of these hacked websites have now been restored, few are still inaccessible even now.

Although this is not the first time that Indian and Pakistani hackers have confronted face-on, very few actually had an idea that the retaliation would be so quick and severe.

Both Indian and Pakistan Governments have refused to issue any statement in this regard.

Last year, there was a similar hacking war between Indian and Pakistani hackers, which took toll on several websites, on both the sides. In May this year, Pakistani hackers allegedly hacked database, and stole 12.5 million user accounts. Earlier this year, IT firm FireEye claimed that Pakistani hackers have stolen sensitive Govt. information; although no confirmation was received.

As we had shared earlier, we are against such cyber-violence. Virtual world is without any borders, and hate. Digital medium should be used for peace and harmony; not violence. We hope that better sense prevail on hackers, and they stop such cyber-wars which ultimately harm everyone.

  1. sanoj says

    well done man…!!!

  2. Srinik says

    This new form of cross-border fight is really unacceptable.

    1. rgsdf1 says

      Well it is MUCH MUCH BETTER than actually killing soldiers DIGITAL ATTACK FTW!

  3. Unknown says

    Welldone Indian hackers!!!

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