CommonFloor Launches Smart Guard App For Gated Communities


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CommonFloor, one of the leading real-estate portals in India has launched a new app – Smart Guard – that would enable gated communities to record visitor information digitally would cut down the need to have a watchman’s register at building or society gates.

The app brings increased levels of security with the automatic SMS alerts to residents on guest arrival. It will not be wrong to call the app a digital watchman. But only time will tell what the makers claim the app being easy-to-use for the not so tech savvy watchman.

Apart from this, the app has an an option to take a picture of the visitor for authorized entry. The very basic of vehicle registration number which are always noted down by our gorkhas in their register is missing in this app.

CommonFloor’s Smart Guard is no doubt a novel attempt to take security measures in gated community apartments to another level with minimum requirements. The app is currently available only for Android users.

The apartment association gets regular automated reports listing the number of visitors, which would definitely help in keeping a systematic record and good security measures at the community.


Here is full list of features offered by Smart Guard App

  • Guard Accounts: The app allows admins of associations to login and create accounts for the guards.
  • Visitor Registration: A security guard can mark entry & exit for visitors on a simple screen.
  • SMS Alerts: Instant SMS alerts get sent to residents for every visitor. Weekly email reports will be sent to the admins of the associations.
  • Offline Mode: The app works offline (without the internet). This means that your security guard doesn’t need internet connection to use the app.
  • Gates: A security guard can also set the gate from which he/she is using the app. This helps in accurate reporting.
  • Smart Check-In: if the guard can’t type in English or use a mobile app, then, he can use unique Smart Check-In feature that allows visitors to use the app with the supervision of the security guard.
  • Authorization: The app can record whether the security guard has taken approval from residents before letting in a visitor.
  • Data & Security: CommonFloor Smart Guard’s app follows strict security standards which are comprehensive and data is kept secure.

Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder & Head of CommonFloor Groups said that they are also working with a few partners to integrate Aadhaar based verification accounting.“Our focus has always been on making communities smarter – one where residents can enjoy a hassle free and secure living and we strive to provide them the technological automation resolving their daily management hassles,” added Malpani.

How to start using the App for your community?

You need to enter your city & community name. This helps the hosts to uniquely identify which community’s visitor movement you want to track. Then you need to click on the Admin icon to proceed.

Once that’s done, you could just enter admin username & password. This allows you to login and setup the app for your guard to use.

Once you click on the “Get Started” button on the Home Page, the next screen would let you send an SMS invite to your security guard.

And voila! You just need to click on the “Add Guard” button. The guard receives an SMS with his login details.

This app seems quite a user friendly one, considering some who are even illiterate would have to use it. We hope that this apps in hands of security guards takes us a step closer towards Digital India.

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