Over One-Third Indians Prefer Smartphones Over Sex: Survey


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A seven-country survey of over 7,000 people about cell phone habits by KRC Research has laid its verdict! 74 percent of the Indian populous has slept with the smartphone in hand, 41 percent have used the device in washrooms. The survey, to the surprise of all, states that 22 percent of people globally would give up sex for their smartphones. And in India, that number stands at 35 percent!

The people in United States, Britain, Brazil, China, Spain, Mexico and India get really twitchy when their battery indicator goes red and when they forget to carry spare chargers. The most disturbing stat out of the lot was that “40 percent tell secrets to their phones they would not reveal even to their best friend.”

One in five people would be more willing to give up seeing their significant other (15 per cent), showering (18 per cent), or sleeping (19 per cent) than having to go without their smartphone for a weekend, the survey found. At this rate, people might next be more than willing to give up food, clothing and shelter for the love of the adored.

It wasn’t very surprising to know that 68 per cent said they would save the device first in case of a fire. In a similar survey last year, B2X Care Solutions, a global customer care provider for smartphones, found that 57 percent of Indians couldn’t live without their smartphones

Cellphones are been known to ruin relationships in the past, this revelation just adds on to the misery! Seventy-five percent of the couples sleep at different times, all because one of the either is glued to their smartphone. Also, the glow of the gadgets makes you turn sleepless, and it’s so not sexy!

People those frantically look out for cellphones to pass time, have got used to a lot of social-drama over the Internet.

Here are some signs for you to find out if you’re one of those who would give up your sex-life for the beloved smartphone!

  1. You get excited on seeing notifications and cannot stop yourself from running your fingers over your smartphone screen!
  2. Watching porn excites you more than foreplay does.
  3. You only pick those hotels that have Wi-Fi when on a holiday!
  4. During any conversation pauses on a date, you pick up the phone!
  5. You pause sex at a messenger ping!

There is some acceptance seen yet though, as 39% of the survey sample said they were “happy” with their smartphones, and 79% felt bothered that their devices interrupted them at inopportune moments. Why not drop it down for a while then if such realization has dawned!

The dismal findings state that 83 percent Indians keep smartphones on their body or within reach throughout the day, they sure don’t keep partners that close! Alas!

[Source: Rediff]

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