Police Verification For Passports To Go Online, Will Take Less Than a Week



Cops in the country are set to go fully digital with passports. The hard copies of the passport verification report (PVR) will be sent online to the Police Commissioner’s office from November onwards. The earlier procedure, which took around 20 odd days, will now be conducted in less than a week. This comes as a release to many last minute mine-diggers. Also adding a sigh of relief to the citizens who go through super lengthy procedure in the country.

Pune is the first city in the country to adopt the online verification process. The city handles about 15,000 passport verifications each month. That makes about 500 applications to 39 police stations every day. Going online would surely lessen this burden and make the work much more faster, and also convenient to the public.

According to suggestions by the police, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is operating the project, has made some changes in the software to cut time taken in sending and uploading hard copies. DCP (foreigner’s registration office and special branch II) Sanjay Patil, who is also nodal officer for PVR, said, “We have been in touch with TCS and the passport office for the last eight months. We are now in the process of issuing tenders for acquiring the gadgets necessary for digital signatures and uploading documents.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very keen on fastening the passport procedure. Under the same light, he has directed the external affairs and home ministries to hold a joint workshop to examine ways and means to reduce time taken for various clearances so that processing of passport services can become quicker.

“We hope to have the online system for police verification in place by November. We expect the funding under CCTNS, which was not allocated any resources in this year’s budget, to be cleared after the PM returns from his foreign tour. It will take us another 3-4 months to integrate the databases and have the technical infrastructure in place,” a senior home ministry official said.

For now, the online check will be backed up by physical check, which might be a bit tedious, but the aim is fully eliminate the need for a doorstep check for all categories of passports. The applicants might yet have to wait to avail services of such convenience.

“The online integration of CCTNS with NPR, UID an EPIC will help SPs verify at the click of a mouse the photo, address and criminal history of the applicant. This may also be followed, as per the SP’s discretion, by a physical verification. Eventually, of course, the requirement of physical police verification will be totally done away with,” the official added.

This new service, though now planned for just passports, will not be limited to the same. Home ministry has various plans, which would extend these services to police verification of tenants, domestic servants, new government recruits and even to background checks of prospective employees by companies. How soon will these be put into practice is only for time to tell though!

  1. Sachin says

    This will definitely help to cut the corruption involved in having these records verified by Police dept. In Haryana, they take 200-500 for doing so in a single visit. Else, 3-4 visits will be required.

    A great initiative.

    Sachin Dhingra

  2. Dheeraj says

    This starts from Mumbai itself or it applies to whole india

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    This is way ahead of the ordeals I had to undergo back in 2011 when it took me almost 3 months to get it. It was a daily torture to go to Passport office wait in queue like beggars to get our turn, only to be told that it is still under process.
    I got the PC just two days before my visa expired. I travelled on the last day of my visa validity. It took Passport office 2 months just to send it to Police Commissioner Office. Police Commissioner’s Office was reasonable, they cleared my case in 10 days and again Passport Office took eternity to give me PC. It was not until I met the Officer there and explained to him that my visa is expiring and if I don’t get it in time, the whole exercise will be useless that the staff issued it quickly.
    It gives me creeps when I think back.
    Good development. IT is speeding up cumbersome paperwork. At the same time its the staff mindset which need to adopt to the changing requirements.

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