With 2.3 Mbps Average Speed, Indian Internet Hasn’t Made Much Progress Over The Last Year: Akamai


Leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider, Akamai Technologies has released its State of the Internet Report for Q1 2015 and we see expected results for the Indian internet. Akamai Technologies uses the data gathered by its CDN network for formulating this report on global average internet speed, broadband adoption rates across fixed and wireless networks, IPv4 exhaustion, and IPv6 implementation.

The key points mentioned in this ‘State of The Internet Report’ for first quarter of 2015 are:

  • The average mobile connection speed ranged from as high as 20.4 Mbps (27% increase over the previous quarter) in the U.K. to as low as 1.3 Mbps in Vietnam.
  • Average peak mobile connection speed ranged from 149.3 Mbps in Australia to 8.2 Mbps in Indonesia.
  • Denmark had 98% of the internet surfers using mobile internet connections, while Sweden and Venezuela had 97% of mobile internet users connect to Akamai network at speeds more than 4 Mbps.
  • Less than 1% of mobile internet users from Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Bolivia had connection speeds of 4 Mbps.
  • The global consumption of mobile data saw an increase of 12% over the Q4 2014, based on data collected by Ericsson.

Global Average Connection Speed & Average Peak Internet Speed

The global average internet connection speed reached 5 Mbps for the first time and indicates an increase of 10% over Q4 2014. The global average peek speed on the other hand stood at 29.1 Mbps.

The average internet connection speed in the top 10 countries remained well above the 10 Mbps mark with South Korea topping the charts with 23.6 Mbps average connection speed. Singapore held the top spot at 98.5 Mbps when it comes to average peek connection speed.


Internet in India

India is still at the bottom of the average internet speed charts. As per the report, it had average internet speed of 2.3 Mbps and the average peak connection speed at 17.4 Mbps.

asia pacific internet speed

The country still has a lot of ground to cover if it wants to achieve a faster growth rate. Internet has become the basic necessity of life and there is nothing worse than a slow internet connection.

Internet in Asia Pacific

South Korea had the highest average connection speed at 23.6 Mbps while Indonesia had the lowest average connection speed at 2.2 Mbps. Singapore had the highest peak connection speed at 98.5 Mbps, while India had the lowest peak connection speed at 17.4 Mbps.

The region saw even weaker implementation of IPv6 in the Q1 2015 as compared to Q4 2014.

asia pacific mobile speed

South Korea had the highest mobile connection speed at 8.8 Mbps, while the lowest mobile connection speed was observed in Vietnam at 1.3 Mbps. Australia had the highest peak mobile data speed at 149.3 Mbps and Indonesia had the lowest peak mobile connection speed at 8.2 Mbps.

Internet in America

The United States had the highest average internet speed in the region at 11.9 Mbps, while Paraguay had the lowest internet speed at just 1.4 Mbps. The U.S. also had the highest peak connection speed in region at 53.3 Mbps while Venezuela has the lowest peak connection speed at 10.7 Mbps.

america internet speed

European countries continue to lead in the IPv6 adoption and occupy 8 out of top 10 spots in the world. The only two non-European countries in this list are the U.S. and Peru.

Puerto Rico enjoyed the highest average mobile connection speed at 9.6 Mbps while Argentina had the lowest average mobile connection speed at just 1.8 Mbps. Canada had the highest peak mobile data speed at 46.7 Mbps and Bolivia had the lowest peak mobile data speed at 10.7 Mbps.

Internet in EMEA

Talking about EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the top and the lowest spot at average internet connection speed were occupied by Ireland (17.4 Mbps) and South Africa (3.4 Mbps) respectively. Romania had the highest peak speed at 71.6 Mbps and the South Africa had the lowest peak speed at 16.8 Mbps.

EMEA internet speed

Out of the European countries maintaining lead in IPv6 adoption, Belgium had one-third of its content requests being sent from IPv6 addresses.

U.K. enjoyed the highest average mobile data speed at 20.4 Mbps, while South Africa had lowest mobile connection speed at 2.5 Mbps. U.K. also had the maximum mobile peak connection speed at 90.9 Mbps and South Africa had the minimum mobile peak connection speed at 10.4 Mbps.

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