Snapdeal Says India Doesn’t Have Quality Programmers; Flipkart Takes A Dig; Rahul Yadav Trolls


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Founders of vibrant and dynamic Indian startups have now shed their apprehensions when it comes to voicing their opinions. And if the case is between Snapdeal and Flipkart, two competitors who are slogging it out to gain market share in India, then the battle reaches an epic status.

A trend which is quite popular within the Silicon Valley eco-system, Indian entrepreneurs have now decided to express their strongest of thoughts without any remorse or guilt. And well, in some cases, without any regard to respect and experience as well (read Rahul Yadav).

How It Began With Snapdeal

Few days back, Rohit Bansal, co-founder and COO of said that they are not able to find quality programmers in India.

He said, “If you think about the landscape in India, not too many product companies got built here

He was speaking with Wall Street Journal, a US publication; and his views were primarily meant for US programmers as Snapdeal has intensified their hiring process in the USA. As per the article, Snapdeal has recently hired one senior Cloud Specialist from a Silicon Valley startup, and they are seeking a dozen more.

He also said, “Many of these people moved to the U.S. because opportunities for doing (such) high-quality work were not available in India. Now those opportunities are not only available in India, but (India) is a more exciting place.”

This clearly indicates that he is trying to lure programmers and developers based USA to come over to India.

Flipkart Takes a Dig

There are around 18.2 million software developers in the world (as of 2013), out of which, 3.6 million are in USA and 2.75 million are in India. As per projections, by 2018, India will have 5.2 million programmers, which will be the highest in the world.

In 2008, Indian Govt. did a survey which showed that around 30-35% of all scientists in NASA are Indians; which includes both contractors and full time scientists.

Considering the might of Indian programming talent, Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal couldn’t resist, and in response to Rohit Bansal, he tweeted: “Don’t blame India for your failure to hire great engineers. They join for culture and challenge.”


The clash reached its crescendo when Rohit Bansal from Snapdeal replies to Sachin Bansal’s tweet, via another tweet wherein he makes it clear that Snapdeal is one among the best places to work in India. He tweeted, “Talking abt culture, @snapdeal happened to be rated top 10 places to work in India, in case headline hunters missed.”

Additionally, Rohit also published a blog, wherein he clarified that he was misquoted on the story regarding Indian talent and Indian programmers.

In the blog, he said, “It is never a fun feeling to be misquoted (or quoted out of context), and hurts when people do that as a way to get headlines for themselves. Hence I thought I’ll substantiate on what we said, and clarify this to our team, users, country and the world.”

But Rahul Yadav Trolls Unnecessarily & Without Any Logic

So far so good: An entrepreneur shares his views on the hiring scene, another entrepreneur takes a dig and the first entrepreneur gives an explanation. No personal offense or unsavory remarks.

But yesterday, out of his habit, co-founder made an unnecessary and irrelevant Facebook post on this issue. And surprisingly, the target of his ‘weird sense of humor’ was not Rohit or Sachin Bansal, but a senior entrepreneur and member of NASSCOM executive council: Ravi Gururaj.

After this incident broke out between Snapdeal and Flipkart, Ravi Gururaj wrote an article on YourStory, wherein he has shared his own personal views on the issue and tried to find the solution which is actually quite scary.

Rahul Yadav, after reading this interesting piece of content, shared on his Facebook wall:

“Ye mote Gururaj uncle har chhoti cheez par article kyu likh dete hain”

Translation: “Why this fatty Gururaj uncle writes article on every small thing”

Rahul Yadav Ravi Gururaj

Sometimes, if a person doesn’t have anything positive to contribute in a discussion, the best option is to keep quiet. It seems Rahul Yadav needs some serious consultation and education in communications and articulation of thoughts in a positive manner.

  1. anil funde says

    i can smell jealousness for rahul here :) . he is achiever … and he is more practical …

    Mirror for writer – if a person doesn’t have anything positive to contribute in a discussion, the best option is to keep quiet.

    I have seen you jumping in lot of discussion in form of articles. No one should tell you keep quite. Who decieds if something is positive or not. Everyone has his/her own view. Let them express. You should not tel them keep quite. What we can do is analysis for whatever we have. Express our view on that.

    Last few articles are turning more like … he should do that , he should not do that, he needs consultation .. bla bla .. dnt you thing you are putting cpmments of somae personnal in public platofrm?

    dear good writer … “CORE SUBJECT” should be intact ..

    a genuine view as a reader …

    1. Mohul says

      Anil, so you support a veteran entrepreneur being called as “Ye mote Gururaj uncle” ? No matter what is the ‘achievement’, this statement doesnt hold any value, anywhere in the world.

      Thanks for reading my views.. and appreciate your feedback.

    2. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Anil – Our writers voice their opinions and thats exactly the difference between us and mainstream media. It is fine whether you agree or do not agree with it.
      Also, if you are supporting Rahul’s statement of calling “Ye mote Gururaj uncle”, then I am at loss of words..

  2. p says

    Its the media that gives attention to immature idiots like RY that makes him do more of it.

    Ignore him entirely and he will fade away into oblivion

  3. dharmendra kumar says

    dont fight sachin & rahul . join you hands to make better indian market

  4. Sanjay Awasthi says

    haha – Rahul-bhai aint killing it… but he is really raping everyone who try to hit him from behind!!!

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