OLA Now Adds Ride Time Charges To Your Total Fare


Next time you take a ride with OLA cabs, you may find a peculiar addition to your bill. Ola has quietly added something called as ride time charges to you total fare. No, these are not the “wait time” charges – these are “ride time” charges, meaning, you will be paying money for every minute of your ride irrespective of whether you are waiting or moving in the cab, over and on top of your normal fare charges.

A regular Ola user from Nashik (Vinayak Manglurkar) , found this in his bill when he took Ola ride today! This change may have happened sometime in last couple of weeks because when he had earlier taken the ride on April 15th, these charges were not there.

Have a look at this invoice from the ride today!

OLA Ride Time Charges

The Ride time charges are billed at Re one per minute, so if your ride spans 60 minute, you will be charged 60 rupees.

Have a look at this invoice from April 14th, when these charges were not included in the total fare.

Ola Wait time charges

Interestingly Wait time charge was charged earlier, which has been removed now, and looks like it has been replaced with ride time charges.

It’s Arbitrary!

Another interesting aspect about wait time charges is that it is quite arbitrary, some cities like Pune, Nashik have it, while some don’t. What’s even more arbitrary is that while some category of rides have it, while some don’t.

For example, in Mumbai Economy Sedan and Mini don’t have it (and have wait time charges), while Prime does have ride time charges.


Even the rates are different. The economy and mini have waiting charges of Re 1 in some cities, while it is Re 2 in other places.

On the other hand, in Pune all 3 categories have ride time charges!


Bottom line is that ride time charge is not uniformly levied and is completely arbitrary.

Have a look at their fare chart for your city, before you hire an Ola cab. According to Ola website, “Ride time includes total time from the pickup time to drop time.”

We are not quite sure when OLA introduced these charges, but they have not made any formal announcement about the same, and have quietly bought about this change!

Were you aware of these charges earlier?

  1. sahana says

    why auto fare will be changing from minimum 29 rupees to 41 rupees. i was shocked.

  2. Koushik says

    You folks are cheating public by quietly adding ‘Ride Time Fare’. And all these while people used to think it is Uber who cheats. But post these additional expenses, Uber turns out much cheaper and transparent. Cheat public and you shall see public backlash sooner, followed by desertion from your own drivers when they see losing business. I urge everybody to shun Ola like plague and teach them a lesson.

  3. Shiv kumar says

    Its really ridiculous. Even I too was surprised to see this charge. Its pure cheating by ola. They are finding ways only to cheat people. One hand they claim that they are cheaper on the other hand they have so many hidden charges. I used ola for 18.21 KM and breakup is First 4 km: ?80.0, Rate for 14.21 km: ?142.1, Free ride time (5 min) ?0.0, Ride time charge for 57.0 min: ?57.0, Toll/Parking Charges ?30, Total tax ?15.63. They hv almost charged 90 Rs extra. We should avoid using ola.

  4. Subash says

    Slowly adding one by one charges( Raiding charge). Initially good marketing and now money making.

  5. Karthick says

    It’s time we switch back to autos our old friend who charge only for their living. We Indians are simply being cheated as we do not have a strong help from govt and they are getting advantage from it.

  6. partha bhattacharyya says

    Yes i was aware of it . But Yes they were fraud as in meanwhile i took ola service for my sister thinking for her safety as she dont know the route and distance .the ola driver takes a long route and add the ride time charge as much as he wants and without informing me he charged the bill from her which is much more comparative to orginal bill. Later on when i complained about it..Ola doesnt have any valid reason for it.. i better suggest all not to avail Ola..

  7. Prashanth says

    I think its time to stop OLA services. They are now started making money

    1. Subash says

      We need be think its time to stop OLA services. They are now started making money and slowly adding one by one charges( Raiding charge). Initially good marketing and now money making.

  8. Shweta says

    this extra charge was added to my ride also. It has been added without any intimation.

  9. Saswat says

    Last month my friend booked OLA cab in Pune. His total ride duration was 7 hours. And he checked his bill OLA had added charges for 7 hours wait time on top of regular charges for distance travelled. This is clearly cheating customers. If you ignore the bill details u end up paying more than regular fair. Be careful guys and double check your bill. OLA is a cheater and fraud!!

  10. lvnkk58 says

    No I am not aware of this change before looking this post.

  11. Rao says

    Need a Correction here : so if your ride spans 60 minute, you will be charged 60 minutes.

    60 rupees not minutes

  12. prashantn says

    Yes, I was aware of this ride time charges

  13. Sreekanth Yelicherla says

    Shame on Ola to silently induce ‘hidden’ charges!

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