Shame! TRAI Makes 1M Net Neutrality Supporter Email IDs Public & Open To Spammers


[Post updated, please see update at the end of the post]Email IDS

WOW! TRAI has offered over 10,50,000 email IDs of users all across India to Spammers and advertisers on a platter.  The very successful Save the Internet campaign which was created to gather support Net Neutrality campaign may have attracted tremendous response from Indian users, however, people who sent emails based on this campaign will now have to suffer at the hands of spammers, marketers and advertisers for a very long time to come.

For spammers,  advertiser or marketers – these email addresses (along with names) are a huge goldmine. These are active email addresses and demographic of these users is well known. People who know Net Neutrality and were part of Save The Internet campaign were mostly professionals and even entrepreneurs and CXO’s. Getting their email IDs and that too in range of over one million is huge. The spammers have to just skim through the html files and pdf files that have been uploaded to TRAI website and create a list and start bombarding these emails with spam messages.

Of all the organizations, a body like TRAI should do it is unbelievable. They are telecom regulatory body, they need to understand the consequences of such a step. Unfortunately, the folks over at TRAI seem to be out of their mind (sorry to use such strong words, but I mean it) to make these email IDs public.

While now, after reading the backlash, they may remove it from the site, but the damage is now already done. This list of over 1 million email IDs will now get circulated all across the internet and will be available to anyone and everyone to be taken advantage of.

And, it may not be just spammers, these email IDs could also be used by anti-social elements for things we cannot comprehend right now!

If at all TRAI wanted to make the statements public, they just needed to obfuscate the email addresses (which most forums do), and problem would have been solved. But TRAI, did not give a moments thought before uploading that list!

Shame on you TRAI!

Update: Annonymous India, the hacker group has been irked by this incidence, and have launched a massive DDOS attack on TRAI site. As of writing this update, the TRAI site is not opening. Here is what Annonymous has posted on their Twitter account.

  1. Sathish satz says

    Foolish reveal by TRAI. No privacy.

  2. Satish says

    Anti social elements I believe are using the list to try and hack into users social media accounts.

    I received 9 emails yesterday from Facebook, stating somebody requested a new password for my account and 5 SMS’s on phone with password reset codes for the same Facebook account.

    I have changed my password for Facebook as precaution. I had signed a petition and sent an email to TRAI in support of net-neutrality

  3. ShriGopal Soni says

    I have personal experience with regulators since 2007. They work as if absolute authorities,the consequences are the burden of one who dares to change the status quo. Presently the Central Vigilance Commission the regulator in the matter of corruption,financial abuse of public money wrote two letters CVC letter no.s Conf/6065/15-281060 dated 17.04.2015 & Conf/6065/15-279030 dated 24.03.2015 asking me to given them no objection certificate for revealing identity to those against whom I dare complain…/

  4. Rajeesh Nair says

    That’s totally insane. Nobody can release the email list in public without their consent. Being a huge body like TRAI, they are not even aware of individual rights on the internet and their privacy. I am shocked, totally speechless about such idiocy from them.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      YEs, It is really sad that people who are in charge of making the rules are not aware of any rules themselves, how can we even trust these guys for any decision making.. Sad really..

  5. PRATIK ANAND says

    Why are you supporting spam by placing the link of released list ? Update your post.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Removed the link

  6. Ankush says

    Such a shame. Good thing we have groups like Anonymous to deal with it.

  7. Sujin chandra says

    dear arun, please delete the link to download- from this post…. urgently

  8. Sujin chandra says

    really sad thing….. oh god

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