Meerkat Finally Coming to Android, Sign-up For Public Beta Now!



The live video streaming app based on Twitter, Meerkat is finally coming to android and beta testers can now sign up to access the public beta version released yesterday. The much-talked-about startup made an official announcement of their Twitter account stating that, “We’re opening up Meerkat for Android to external beta testers! Sign up.”

With the release of public beta, the testers or the Android users who are keen to get their hands on this public beta version of Meerkat app, can sign-up via a Google form. So, as a user you now have a chance to test the application and give feedback regarding any bugs or improvements.

However if you are in a hurry, you can also try-out Meerkat Plus which is an unofficial web client of Meerkat that allows you to use the app on your browser via Chrome extension. The firm confirmed about the update of Meerket Plus on their Twitter on 1st April. With this extension, you can now watch the live broadcasts on your PCs as well as laptops.

Meerkat and apps like Periscope are currently only available to iOS users. But now with the beta version released by the firm, the Meerkat user base is expected to increase significantly.

More About Meerkat App:

Meerkat app is quite different from the other video apps. The main platform Meerkat uses is Twitter, over which users can stream live video. Unlike Vine or Instagram, there is no limit on the length of the video.  The video quality is quite good but, but lot depends on the users connectivity as well. On the other hand, once the video streaming is over, the video cannot be accessed again – It does not get stored. So it works very well for one-off events

Whenever you schedule the live video stream, the followers on your Twitter account will receive a message just before the live streaming. The fact that Meerkat app connects with your Twitter account, it allows you to watch the videos of those you follow.

Just for an instance, if you are attending an event, you can stream the live video by using Meerkat and the followers on your Twitter account can watch the video. Isn’t it cool? Well, you might have already experienced the same on your iOS devices, but if you haven’t done it, just because you are using an android device, this is the time for you test the application!

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