Ixigo Brings Ixigo Cab Aggregator App To Find Nearest Taxi From Any Cab Provider


Ixigo Cabs App

Searching a cheapest taxi deal online or the nearest one to your location might be daunting task for you as you will need to install several applications, search for taxi, compare the prices, see their location and then book it, surely a time consuming process. The fact that the Indians do prefer to check the price first, makes it even worse for the people who use different apps for cheap deals.

In that case, an app which gives you the exact location of the cab, information about Taxi Company and the price per kilometer will be a perfect one to use. Ixigo, India’s leading travel search engine has come up with such an app that allows you to do just that. It finds and collates information on all cabs from various cab companies and brings it on single easy to use screen. Ixigo Cabs is not the first such app, a few months back Scoot app was launched, which offers similar services.

The app is currently available on Android platform only

Book Cab from Offline Operators too:

Online cab booking is no more new to the Indian customers who often prefer taxi to travel. Companies like Taxi for Sure, Ola Cabs, Meru Cabs etc have their own apps to let the passengers book the taxis at a glance. Besides these cab companies, there are few firms that operate offline and don’t have an online presence. This is where Ixigo cab app stands out – they also offer to book cabs from operators who do not have an online or mobile app to do bookings.

But when it comes to comparing the rates in the taxi booking app, Scoot has an upper hand. Scoot gives you an option to check the best prices and display the cheapest offer. Whereas, the Ixigo Cabs app just shows you the result of the nearby taxis available in the form of map and price for the same. Have a look at the screenshot taken while I was searching the cabs in Ahmedabad through my Ixigo Cabs app:

List of Taxis Available

We also found that, while using this app, Ixigo cabs offers you cabs nearest to you based on their location in relation to your position.  Just have a look at the number of taxis that I got to pick from my location. And it took just a few seconds to book a taxi.

Taxis on Maps

Besides this, you will also find some options in the menu bar to the left, which are quite useful to check the present booking status and the last booking status.

booking status

Ixigo Cabs app will surely give users a chance to find more options to book a taxi rather than depending upon a single taxi booking app.

Overall, we can say that Ixigo Cabs app can save lot of time if you are in a hurry to reach airport or station. Currently Ixigo Cabs app is available on play store for Android platform, there is no word on when it will be available on iOS. We will keep you posted.

Do try out this app and let us know what you feel.

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