IRCTC New Rule: Only One Ticket Can Be Booked Online Between 8am To Noon


IRCTC One Booking Per Login

The new IRCTC rule which will be coming to effect from tomorrow may hamper you from booking tickets for your entire family because IRCTC will now allow only one ticket per user in one login session. After the ticket is booked, the user will be logged out automatically.

While this is going to effect millions of train travelers, the primary purpose of this rule is to ensure that touts do not corner large number of tickets at one go! The new rule is applicable to everyone who book their tickets through IRCTC website, including IRCTC agents.

Luckily, the rule is applicable only between 8:00am to 12:00pm, when it is the peak time on IRCTC portal. Also, users can book as many tickets as they want from offline IRCTC counters throughout the day. This restriction will not be applicable while booking onward journey/return journey e-tickets.

The official statement issued by Railways ministry said, “The Ministry of Railways has decided that in case of e-ticketing, there will be a restriction of only one booking in one user login session and forced logging out of the user before another booking for all users including IRCTC agents but excluding defence booking under warrant only.”

Over the last couple of years, IRCTC has taken many steps to improve the services provided by them to train travelers. One of their priority has been to weed out touts from the system, who corner chunk of tickets from IRCTC website and then sell them at premium to customers. They have earlier stopped agents from logging on to IRCTC websites between 8 am and 9 am, so that they cannot do Tatkal bookings.

IRCTC Launches Rupay Card With UBI

In another news, IRCTC has collaborated with Union Bank of India, to launch a IRCTC-UBI RuPay pre-paid card, which travelers can use to book their train tickets. The new Rupay card can be used just like normal debit card and can be used for shopping, online payments and other things apart from booking tickets on IRCTC.

There will be two type of Rupay pre-paid cards – virtual and physical.

The transaction charge would be Rs 10 per ticket for booking a ticket through the card on the IRCTC portal. As an opening offer, the transaction charge will not be levied six months for purchasing tickets on the IRCTC’s website. The initial value of the card is Rs 10,000 which can be recharged.


    But, from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm e-tickrts not allowed by irctc account. Why?
    Those persons how to book tatkal tickets by own account???


    Today I started booking a ticket under tatkal for me ( ONE PERSON ONLY ) at the approved time for non a/c class 11:00 Hrs. Berth is available ( 149 Nos) and every thing went on well until the payment mode ….
    I tried with netbanking… debit card mode … with two different bank cards …. it is not accepted. the message ” UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER ” The statement maintained up to upto 12:00 Hrs. after that it started accepting. But by that time all seats were filled and WL 66 …
    will any body tell Why payment mode is not working from 11: hrs to 12:00 Hrs ?? is it happening on all days while going on the tatkal booking!!!!

  3. K.sreenivasan says

    Another big problem is the captcha….
    Even if you enter 100% correctly….it will again ask you to enter…
    This is a technique irctc uses to delay ticket booking and frustrate people …


    i am unable to book tatkal tickets when i try to book it shows 2 tickets per ip adress.nd doesnt book even a singel ticket with one id.

  5. roger says

    Search on youtube: Book tatkal ticket by software.
    There is a software developed by some people to book tatkal ticket.Which hang the website for 5 minute.You can search this software on you tube by name of Tatkal booking tool . Person who develop this application with help of internal employee of company which develop IRCTC website. Authorized database update is major issue by these internal employee of this company .They are earning lot of money by it.

    1. Madhu Kishore says

      Hi! Roger
      you are absolutely correct, that’s why trains are booked in only 1 minute.
      in case of tatkal as well as normal tickets.
      but i know they cant take any step.

  6. Malik IRCTC.CO.IN says

    OMG! That’s why I was unable to book my second tatkal ticket.

  7. Radhakant Patro says

    Today i booked a tatkal ticket but after login everything ok upto booking later debited my money pop up message shown transaction failed, try after some time. after 2/3 minute next login booking stage it shown the same msg. as per rules 1 user 1 ticket in 1 loging but in case of failed transaction what to do? please consider the matter give another chance to booking e-ticket. I drop my journey for tomorrow. In any urgent case everyone suffered because of the rule. In sucessfull transaction you don’t give the second login upto 12 noon. but in case of failed transaction give a chance to book the same tatkal ticket.

  8. mannu says

    Irctc rupey card needs to be improved first I bought virtual card making recharge of 800 I received card details but when I start transactions, card would not honoured. U have to register in payseure registration to activate it but it goes blank after entering otp after numerous attempt I was unable to register in paysecure. And this system does not support mobile android browsers. I do all my ticketing from mobile even tatkal too. Finally after numerous attempt I cancelled my ubi rupay card.

  9. sharath says

    IF this is the case thena family of five or 6 can not book a tatkal ticket as tatkal tickets have restriction of 4 per ticket. In that case you cant book another one as per this rule and waiting till 12 noon tatakal will not abe available at all. Please you brainy railway people review the rule or make it 6 in tatkal ticket too.

  10. Utkarsh Parihar says

    This is stupidity now single person will make more accounts on IRCTC with other mail id’s this will make server more busy and thus causing more problems……

  11. aman says

    Can this confirm only 1 ticket on 1 form or 6 six ticket in 1 form.

  12. rakesh joshi says

    it is not good rule bcoz a family who wants more tickets at atime in aseries how can make this possible so administaration have to re think that……………

  13. ANIL PAWAR says


  14. R.K.Singh says

    The railways will not be able to catch hold the tauts/agents like all these actions. Various such actions have been taken in the past & failed. The best is to frame a central vigilence team which remained on the move without having personal contacts with local staffs/people.
    Tauts must be fined not below a lakh of rupees for first offence.

  15. Arpin says

    Ohh. thats good. i thought 1 ticket mean 1 passengers. little bit confused, how tatkal ticket will be book if more then 1 ticket?? because if you go with this i dont think you can get seat in tatkal. But, now clear. Thanks

  16. santosh sharma says

    Please make such rules which will be helpful to common man, during seasonal duration common man has to suffer a lot by paying too. Kindly

  17. santosh sharma says

    hi this rule is useless, passengers are not getting any use of this as everybody knows that to creat multiple login it takes only2 to 3 minutes agents & other peoples will neglect this rule , i dont know who makes rule for indian railways.

  18. Rajeesh Nair says

    In short, I can book one ticket for multiple passengers at one go in between 8:00am and 12:00noon. Right?

    For another booking, need to wait after 12:00 noon.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, 1 ticket means multiple passengers, but the limit to one ticket is 6 passengers. You cannot book more than that in one login!

      1. M anis says

        Yes,1ticket means multiple
        pessengers,but the limit to one
        ticket is 6
        cannot book more than in
        one login

  19. Gaurav Sethi says

    This is the reason why people are getting logout automatically. The solution is there though.

    1. sucharita says

      Useless rule. nothing more to say. Make use of your brains Indian Railways.

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