Infosys Sets Aside Rs 750 Cr Funds For Startups From India, Israel & USA


Infosys Startup Funding

In January this year, we had reported that Infosys has boosted their start-up funds to $500 million or Rs 3000 crore, which was earlier $100 million (Rs 600 crore). Now, as per reports coming in from Bangalore, Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys has earmarked one third of this venture funds for startups from India, Israel and USA, along with investments in around 12-15 venture capital funds from all over the world.

As per insiders, there is no specific startup or venture capital fund which they are targeting, but they are simply looking for some ideas which are disruptive and unique. A person from Infosys on condition of anonymity said, “The idea is not just to be a passive financial investor but take disruptive solutions to customers.”

Last month, Infosys made their first investment in a startup, when they poured $15 million from their startup fund into DreamWorks Animation, a company based in USA. In India, DreamWorks have opened a new company, of which Infosys is the only investor as of now. Earlier, there were talks that Infosys may enter the animation market with a partnership with an established player. This investment of $15 million (Rs 90 crore) was a result of that only.

Last year in May, Infosys had created a new subsidiary: Edgeverve Systems, which will solely focus on automation technology. Earlier this year, they bought Panaya, which is a SaaS based quality automation firm.

Interestingly, this funds of Rs 750 crore would be used to fund startups from India, as well as Israel and USA, and their first investment anyways went for a US company. And automation can be a major sector where they can invest.

Some of the other startup funds and initiatives which are now actively seeking disruptive ideas and revolutionary concept in India:

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