Hyderabad Offers Best Quality Of Living In India, Pune Beats Mumbai & Delhi: Report


Hyderabad Quality of Living

As per a recent “Quality of Living” survey conducted by Mercer, it has been found that Hyderabad is the best city to live in India right now as it offers the best quality of living. Pune comes at #2, beating both Mumbai and New Delhi.

Mercer is a global human resource and financial consulting firm having presence across 130 countries and have 20,000+ employees. Their 5-yearly quality of living survey analyses living conditions in 221 cities all over the world. Some of the factors which are considered for this survey are: Personal safety of citizens, Internal stability, Political stability, Voting percentage (if its part of a Democracy), Crime rate, Education services, Health services, Effectiveness of Law Enforcement laws, Relationship with other countries, Transportation facilities, Environmental condition, Trade and Business environment, Other Public Service utilities.

New York has been given a base score of 100, and all other cities are compared against this score. When this survey started in 2010, Vienna, capital of Austria was adjourned the best city in the world.

Quality of Life in 2015

As per 2015 survey of Quality of Living, Vienna has yet again emerged as the city having the best quality of living in the world. The top 5 cities in this list are:

  1. Vienna (Austria)
  2. Zurich (Switzerland)
  3. Auckland (New Zealand)
  4. Munich (Germany)
  5. Vancouver (Canada)

In Asia, Singapore has been ranked as the best city with a rank of 26; whereas with rank of 74, Dubai is the best city to live in Middle East and Africa.

Hyderabad which has been ranked 138 globaly, is the best city in India. Next Indian city to emerge in this list is Pune which is ranked 145.

Both New Delhi and Mumbai are way below this position at position # 152 and 154 respectively. Interestingly, there is no mention of Bangalore in any of the report findings, which is quite surprising. Generally, Bangalore ranks pretty high when it comes to standard of living!

In South Asia, Colombo is ranked higher than Hyderabad as its placed at #132. Dhaka is ranked 211 and Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are ranked at 191, 199 and 202 respectively. Ranking 230th, Baghdad is the lowest-ranking city in the region and on the overall list.

As per a World Health Organization report, out of 20 World’s most polluted cities, 13 are in India. Recently, New Delhi was declared as the most polluted city in the whole world.

You can view the full report of the survey here.

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