Numbertank Offers Free Calls From Web To Traditional Phone Numbers!


Numbertank Free Phone Calls

A new startup is on the block – Numbertank. Using their service, one can make free calls from web to traditional phone numbers including mobile phones quite easily. This is probably the latest addition in the web to phone category which is experiencing a sharp rise in terms of users. Numbertank is offering free call service to even traditional phone numbers and it is truly a significant development.

Numbertank is flagship product of Surat based Shantai Technologies.

How Does It Work?

What you need is a computer, headphone with microphone and broadband connectivity by which you can talk to any person present in your contact list. You can make free and cheap calls to any number with utmost clarity.

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the company promises that the entire communication system is a smooth and one can experience noise free conversation for longer duration. Numbertank has come up with such facility that you can save a great deal of amount when you are in roaming mode. Just be online, log into your Numbertank account and start making calls.

Right now no details are forthcoming as to how they plan to monetize this service.

Features of Numbertank

Using Numbertank, one can get 30 free minutes every day and the most interesting aspect is, the balance is gets carried over to next day. If you have 100 minutes or more, they you can’t get any minute unless you exhaust a portion of that. Just need to dial that number and be ready to have a high quality audio experience. Further, you can even send a quick email also from the same interface.

Numbertank right now available in Google Chrome Browser 28.0 or higher and a simple click on the call button next to the person’s name will make a call. You can make as many as calls till your free minutes end.

Right now, one can make a call to India, China, Singapore, Canada & USA. Some more countries will be added very soon. There is no mobile app for Numbertank presently, so you can’t access the same on your smartphone; but the app will be developed very soon. Then it will be easier to make such calls.

Initially, the account creation in Numbertank is as per invitation from a registered user and every account must be linked with a phone number where call can be made. Though the number can be changed any time later from the setting same as profile picture, address and password.

Initially one user can have maximum 500 contacts. In fact calls can be made only to those who are in the contact list. Your contact list will show the list of people that you have already added and can add more also by invitation.

Is Numbertank Legitimate?

VOIP calls or calls over the internet in India are not allowed to terminate over normal PSTN lines, so it is interesting to see how Numbertank functions. Given that it is just launched, not many have taken note of it, but if the service became popular, we are sure they will attract wrath of telecom department.

The website does not offer too many details apart from the fact that it is based on VOIP, so one can safely say that such service may not be entirely legal.

We tried and it worked well, however, we may need to test its working over next few days to see if they will be able to sustain it.

Do give it a try and let us know what you feel about this new service.

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