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Brands are mirror images of our tamed perceptions. You could just write a mental sketch of a person just by observing his brand preferences. A brand creates an element of trust which in turn gives birth to brand loyalty. The first adjective that comes to your mind when a brand is uttered is what truly the brand has portrayed itself as.

The Brand Trust Report 2015 collects such individual votes for a brand and puts up what the nation as a whole thinks about a particular brand. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that most corporates want their brand to be featured on the Brand Trust Report. Well, just as we end our first quarter of the year, the results are out and we were quite surprised to see some unexpected winners.

The Trust Research Team clocked around for 1300 hours of field work, questioning 2373 consumer influencers across 16 Indian cities to bring out the voice of the nation. From 5 million datapoints and 19,000 unique brands, the top brands were chosen from the best. The report documents the coverage of brands, consumer reactions, brand growth sketch and many such valuable information you should get your hands on if you’ve have a business or head the marketing/sales team of your company.

The results will trigger various thoughts of how ignorant we are about branding and how some brands have a strong influence on our day to day lives. But most people in the survey agreed that LG was their most trusted brand in India! LG aces the most trusted brand list.

A pleasant surprise for all those who thought otherwise. LG was ranked 4th in 2014 year survey, so to be on top is something LG wouldn’t have seen it coming. While the next follower up is Samsung Mobiles which secures the 2nd place in the heart of billion Indians. It is interesting to note that Samsung was ranked at 379th position last year and has climbed 377 places (We are really quite surprised by this. It has not done much to see that kind of jump)

Sony is ranked the third most trusted brand, which stood at 2nd place last year. The top three places have been taken by foreign multinationals, but debuting in the 4th place is The Tata group. Nokia even after having taken over by Microsoft, the brand still has much respect for Nokia mobile phones are the most sought after handsets for most Indians.

Here are the top 50 most trusted brands of 2015

The Top 50 Most Trusted Brands In India 2015

RANK 2015 RANK 2014 RANK DIFF Brand Name Super Category Category
1 4 3 LG Durables Consumer Electronics
2 379 377 SAMSUNG MOBILES Personal Gadgets Mobile Phones
3 2 -1 SONY Durables Consumer Electronics
4 3 -1 TATA Diversified Diversified
5 5 0 NOKIA Personal Gadgets Mobile Phones
6 46 40 BAJAJ Diversified Diversified
7 8 1 HONDA Automobile Four Wheeler – Manufacturer
8 54 46 DELL Technology Personal Technology
9 16 7 GODREJ Diversified Diversified
10 6 -4 HEWLETT PACKARD Technology Personal Technology
11 145 134 BATA Personal Accessories Footwear
12 79 67 AMUL Food & Beverage Dairy Products
13 126 113 APPLE Technology Personal Technology
14 9 -5 RELIANCE Diversified Diversified
15 7 -8 HERO MOTOCORP Automobile Two Wheeler – Manufacturer
16 11 -5 MARUTI SUZUKI Automobile Four Wheeler – Manufacturer
17 64 47 AIRTEL Telecom Mobile Telephony
18 12 -6 PHILIPS Diversified Technology
19 109 90 DABUR Healthcare Ayurveda
20 14 -6 LIC BFSI Insurance – PSU
21 10 -11 M&M Diversified Diversified
22 53 31 COLGATE FMCG Oral hygiene
23 68 45 DOVE FMCG Bath/Beauty
24 30 6 PEPSI Food & Beverage Aerated Beverages
25 36 11 LAKME FMCG Bath/Beauty
26 37 11 COCA-COLA Food & Beverage Aerated Beverages
27 196 169 DETTOL FMCG Bath/Beauty
28 182 154 AXE FMCG Deo/Perfume
29 45 16 MICROMAX Personal Gadgets Mobile Phones
30 21 -9 TITAN Personal Accessories Watches
31 137 106 BRITANNIA Food & Beverage F&B – Diversified
32 27 -5 PONDS FMCG Bath/Beauty
33 15 -18 HYUNDAI Automobile Four Wheeler – Manufacturer
34 43 9 ITC Diversified Diversified
35 22 -13 IDEA Telecom Mobile Telephony
37 123 86 ADIDAS Personal Accessories Sportswear
38 33 -5 LENOVO Technology Personal Technology
39 42 3 PARLE G Food & Beverage Biscuits
40 23 -17 RAYMONDS Apparel Fabric
42 35 -7 ADITYA BIRLA Diversified Diversified
43 150 107 BMW Automobile Four Wheeler – Luxury
44 17 -27 VIDEOCON Diversified Diversified
45 18 -27 HCL Technology Diversified
46 40 -6 PANASONIC Durables Consumer Electronics
47 514 467 BPL Diversified Diversified
48 28 -20 ICICI BANK BFSI Bank – Private
49 34 -15 NIKE Personal Accessories Sportswear
50 62 12 GOOGLE Internet Internet Search

“LG being India’s Most Trusted brand in 2015 is a result of the brand’s tireless focus on providing consumer value. Further they have understood the Indian mindset very well and have connected to the consumers. Trust is the most important connection between a brand and its stakeholders and it is important for every brand to analyze its Trust Quotient very closely.” voicing his opinion, N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA (Trust Research Advisory) makes a valid point.

From the 1000 brands specified, 270 categories were listed, with food and Beverage brands that participated were 185, FMCG represented by 150 brands, automobiles by 59 and personal accessories by 59 brands.

The leaders in these varied segments were:

Insurance LIC
Education IIT
Energy Hindustan Petroleum
FMCG Colgate
F&B Amul
Healthcare Dabur
Internet Amazon
Kitchenware Hawkins
Manufacturing Asian Paints
Personal Accessories Bata
Retail KFC
Telecom Airtel
Air travel Air India

Ok, we are again quite surprised by Air India (really?)

Some unexpected leaders, some expected brands that lost their crown to new ones. This study is an exhaustive study that deciphers the country’s brand interest. However, some of the names in the Top 10 are quite surprising…

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