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World CUp Online Matches

[Updated on 16th Feb 2015]
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is now just a day away. It is probably the biggest sporting extravaganza in 2015, and over a billion people across the world are expected to watch this Cricket World Cup. 2011 World Cup which was held in India and it set a record for number of people who watched cricket matches online.

A lot has changed over last 4 years, and many more people have come online. It is expected that people watching matches online and on their smartphones is going to double compared to previous World Cup. While majority of cricket lovers will scamper in front of television when the matches are going on, it is not possible for everyone to have a TV set during the matches. So, here are various online resources, where you can follow this ICC Cricket World Cup Live online.

In India, Star Sports have availed the exclusive rights to broadcast matches on Television. They also have internet rights. So, if you wish to see World Cup online, Starsports.com will be the site to visit. However, only limited number of matches will be available for free. If you want to see all the 53 matches, you will need to buy their paid pass which costs less than Rs. 120, allowing you access to all the matches online.

If you want to watch the matches on your Smartphone or tablet, Star Sports also has iOS and Android apps, which will be offering live feed of the matches. Again, this has a separate subscription and will cost you around Rs. 300 for getting access to all the matches.

If you don’t want to pay any fees, here is something that will give you access to ICC Cricket World Cup Matches Online for free. Luckily, apart from Star Sports, Indian national TV broadcaster Doordarshan (DD National) has also been allowed to show World Cup matches on their channel. Being a free channel, there are may online avenues where you can freely watch Doordarshan (DD National) channels. You can visit Zenga TV or Govt’s own website, to watch live matches. This probably would be the best way for you to access live online streaming of World cup matches! [Tip: Search Google to find various websites that show Doordarshan feed.]

Interestingly, for south Indian cricket fans, the matches will also beamed that will have local language commentary. Here are the channels that will show World Cup on Television (not online)

  • Asianet Plus (Malayalam)
  • Star Vijay (Tamil)
  • Jalsha Movies (Bengali)
  • Suvarna Plus (Kannada)

How to Watch ICC World Cup Matches throughout the world?

Please note that access to matches online are geo-restricted, so everyone will not be able to watch these live feeds from their country. However, ICC has given exclusive rights for various countries separately. Here are the tie-ups that ICC has forged. Please check their websites to see the live feeds online.

  • Australia: Channel 9 Network, Fox Sports
  • Afghanistan: Ariana Television Network: Lemar TV
  • Pakistan: PTV Sports & Ten Sports
  • Australia: Nine Network, Fox Sports
  • Africa: South African Broadcasting Corporation
  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh Television
  • Canada: Asian Television Network
  • China: Star Sports
  • Europe (Except UK & Ireland): Eurosport2
  • Fiji: Fiji TV
  • India: Star Sports 1 Star Sports 3 (Hindi), DD National (mostly India matches)
  • Jamaica: Television Jamaica
  • Middle East: Arab Radio and Television Network
  • Nepal: Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2
  • Singapore: Star Cricket
  • United Kingdom: Sky Sports
  • West Indies: Caribbean Media Corporation

For Unites States residents, ESPN will be showing the Cricket matches, but if you are in US and want to watch online you will need to subscribe to ESPN’s $99 package. You can then view all the matches online on desktops or PCs. You can use the same subscription to watch it on your smartphones and tablets through their app as well.

ICC World Cup 2015 Schedule (India Matches highlighted)

Note: Winning Team mentioned after every match.

Match Pool Date Time Teams
1st A Saturday GMT 22:00* New Zealand vs Sri LankaNew Zealand Won
14-Feb-15 Local 11:00
IST 03:30
2nd A Saturday GMT 03:30
14-Feb-15 Local 14:30 Australia vs England
(D/N) IST 09:00  Australia Won
3rd B Sunday GMT 01:00
15-Feb-15 Local 14:00 South Africa vs Zimbabwe
(D/N) IST 06:30  South Africa Won
4th B Sunday GMT 03:30  
  15-Feb-15 Local 14:00 India vs Pakistan
(D/N)   IST 09:00  India Won
5th B Monday GMT 22:00*
16-Feb-15 Local 11:00 Ireland vs West Indies
IST 03:30  Ireland Won
6th A Tuesday GMT 22:00*
17-Feb-15 Local 11:00 New Zealand vs Scotland
IST 03:30
7th A Wednesday GMT 03:30
18-Feb-15 Local 14:30 Afghanistan vs Bangladesh
(D/N) IST 09:00
8th B Thursday GMT 22:00*
19-Feb-15 Local 11:00 UAE vs Zimbabwe
IST 03:30
9th A Friday GMT 01:00
20-Feb-15 Local 14:00 New Zealand vs England
(D/N) IST 06:30
10th B Saturday GMT 22:00*
21-Feb-15 Local 11:00 Pakistan vs West Indies
IST 03:30
11th A Saturday GMT 03:30
21-Feb-15 Local 13:30 Australia vs Bangladesh
(D/N) IST 09:00
12th A Sunday GMT 22:00*
22-Feb-15 Local 11:00 Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka
IST 03:30
13th B Sunday GMT 03:30
  22-Feb-15 Local 14:30 India vs South Africa
(D/N)   IST 09:00  
14th A Monday GMT 22:00*
23-Feb-15 Local 11:00 England vs Scotland
IST 03:30
15th B Tuesday GMT 03:30
24-Feb-15 Local 14:30 West Indies vs Zimbabwe
(D/N) IST 09:00
16th B Wednesday GMT 03:30
25-Feb-15 Local 13:30 Ireland vs UAE
(D/N) IST 09:00
17th A Thursday GMT 22:00*
26-Feb-15 Local 11:00 Afghanistan vs Scotland
IST 03:30
18th A Thursday GMT 03:30
26-Feb-15 Local 14:30 Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka
(D/N) IST 09:00
19th B Friday GMT 03:30
27-Feb-15 Local 14:30 South Africa vs West Indies
(D/N) IST 09:00
20th B Satudray GMT 01:00
  28-Feb-15 Local 09:00 India vs UAE
(D/N)   IST 06:30  
21st A Satudray GMT 06:30
28-Feb-15 Local 19:30 New Zealand vs Australia
(D/N) IST 12:00
22nd A Sunday GMT 22:00*
1-Mar-15 Local 11:00 England vs Sri Lanka
IST 03:30
23rd B Sunday GMT 03:30
1-Mar-15 Local 13:30 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe
(D/N) IST 09:00
24th B Tuesday GMT 03:30
3-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Ireland vs South Africa
(D/N) IST 09:00
25th B Wednesday GMT 01:00
4-Mar-15 Local 14:00 Pakistan vs UAE
(D/N) IST 06:30
26th B Wednesday GMT 06:30
4-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Australia vs Afghanistan
(D/N) IST 12:00
27th A Thursday GMT 22:00*
5-Mar-15 Local 11:00 Bangladesh vs Scotland
IST 03:30
28th B Friday GMT 06:30
  6-Mar-15 Local 14:30 India vs West Indies
(D/N)   IST 12:00
29th B Saturday GMT 01:00
7-Mar-15 Local 14:00 Pakistan vs South Africa
(D/N) IST 06:30
30th B Saturday GMT 03:30
7-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Ireland vs Zimbabwe
(D/N) IST 09:00
31st A Sunday GMT 22:00*
8-Mar-15 Local 11:00 New Zealand vs Afghnistan
IST 03:30
32nd A Sunday GMT 03:30
8-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Australia vs Sri Lanka
(D/N) IST 09:00
33rd A Monday GMT 03:30
9-Mar-15 Local 14:00 England vs Bangladesh
(D/N) IST 09:00
34th B Tuesday GMT 01:00
  10-Mar-15 Local 14:00 India vs Ireland
(D/N)   IST 06:30  
35th A Wednesday GMT 03:30
11-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Scotland vs Sri Lanka
(D/N) IST 09:00
36th B Thursday GMT 01:00
12-Mar-15 Local 14:00 South Africa vs UAE
(D/N) IST 06:30
37th A Friday GMT 01:00
13-Mar-15 Local 14:00 NewZealand vs Bangladesh
(D/N) IST 06:30
38th A Friday GMT 03:30
13-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Afghanistan vs England
(D/N) IST 09:00
39th B Saturday GMT 01:00
  14-Mar-15 Local 14:00 India vs Zimbabwe
(D/N)   IST 06:30  
40th A Saturday GMT 03:30
14-Mar-15 Local 14:30 Australia vs Scotland
(D/N) IST 09:00
41st B Sunday GMT 22:00*
15-Mar-15 Local 11:00 UAE vs West Indies
IST 03:30
42nd B Sunday GMT 03:30
15-Mar-15 Local 14:00 Ireland vs Pakistan
(D/N) IST 09:00
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  5. […] ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is now just a day away. If you are unable to watch your favourite team play on television, check out these resources where you can watch matches online or smartphones for free. […]

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