12 Stats That Show Employee Satisfaction Is Equivalent To Superior Customer Service!


Employee Satisfaction

When we started with our organization, our main objective was not only to create something “Big” but also to deliver a quality customer service. The most important aspect which leads to progressive locomotion of a company is the type of service you offer to your clients. And when you take this side of management seriously, your clientele base is automatically built strong.

But here’s a question..

If your service/ product is good enough to provide value to any business, customers will praise you. But, who takes the effort to make these services reachable to your prospective customers?

It’s none other than your employees!

Think. Your employees are the first ones to know about your product and then your customers. They pitch in effort to make your business a successful one and have a direct dealing with your customers, especially the ones in your sales team.

According to a report by Marketing.org, customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the employee satisfaction within your company. In fact, it has been observed that employees who work in service-based industries, such as hospitals, hotels, etc. are responsible for influencing customer satisfaction rate.

Satisfied employees are happy at their workplace, when they experience engagement and motivation. In this article, we will try to correlate employee satisfaction with consumer service.

Some Stats that will help you identify with it

1. Thecorrelated score between customer satisfaction and employee engagement is 0.51, which simply means as the employee engagement rises there is a high possibility of customer service productivity.

2. Companies with higher employee engagement strategies, enjoy 2 times more of customer loyalty which means the customer retention power increases with an increased opportunity to grow profits.

3. According to ananalysis by the HR Magazine, the customers with higher client service strategies, scored high in the departments where the employee engagement was high.

4. Morrison Management studiesstates that a 2% increase in employee engagement leads to 1% increase in customer satisfaction.

5. In John Goodman’s book, it has been noticed that customers who are delighted by the employees within the organization are10% to 30% more loyal. Although, it depend upon the capability of the employees, but they should know the ways in which they can exercise this method.

6. 93% of the engaged employees are clear about the organizational goals and therefore, there is a better chance of making customers understand the product, if they are in need of help.

7. Monsanto found out in a survey that thestrongest factors that can influence customer satisfaction dramatically include employee satisfaction and employee work-life balance.

8. When employees have a suitable phone manner,it can contribute to 18% of customer satisfaction. All these manners can be imbibed when the work culture is suitable and engaging.

9. If you are an entrepreneur, then you aren’t the only one liable to offer a superior customer service. Your employees are equally responsible and that can be possible when they handle customers with the correct temperament because 73% ofthe customers prefer purchasing from the brands from where they receive better customer experience.

10. When there is employee satisfaction, employee productivity increases by 40% which in turn increases the customer satisfaction by 18% and there is a drop in employee turnover by 14%.

11.High level employee satisfaction simply means 12% higher customer advocacy. Thus, practice measures to keep your employees happy.

12. 90% ofemployee satisfaction is experienced when they are motivated and which therefore motivates them to offer superior client experience.

It is important to make your organization a customer-centered one, but at the same time it is crucial to keep your employees happy. Because it is this workforce, working day and night to keep up the good work!

Author Bio :  Arundhuti Roy is a professional business blogger and is working as a content marketer @ MyOperator. Also she holds a master’s degree in Literature from Jamia Milia Islamia.

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