Kolkata Becomes India’s First WiFi Metro City



Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal stirred the existing Digital India campaign when she tweeted:

Powered by Reliance Jio network, Kolkata has become the first Indian city to have 100% WiFi connectivity on 4G speed. Right now the service has been launched at the posh Park Street and surrounding areas such as Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Loudon Street, Russell Street and Little Russell Street, but as per the statement, the service would be soon rolled out in the entire city.

Speaking at the 39th International Kolkata Literature Festival, she said, “From February 5 a free 4G Wi-Fi internet service will be offered at the Park Street and its surrounding areas. And within next two months the whole of Kolkata will enjoy the free service.”

As per Mamata, free WiFi at Kolkata would cover all the 149 wards in the city, and will make the lives of its citizens completely networked, thereby making it smart, secured and simple.

Reliance Jio business head and state mentor (East) Tarun Jhunjhunwala said at the occasion, “Within next two months, the services will be offered in entire Kolkata and that will be the best in the country,”

As per reports coming in from various sources, Reliance Jio has earlier tested their speed, and found to be achieving upto 50 MBPS speed consistently. Reportedly, this WiFi service across Kolkata would be unlimited and completely free for the whole year. But considering the financial implications of such a state sponsored service, this looks highly unlikely.

Reliance Jio is the only company in India which has pan-India Broadband Wireless Access spectrum which can be used to provide 4G services anywhere in the country. They are investing close to Rs 3000 crore in West Bengal for spreading out Internet connectivity, and this free WiFi in Kolkata is part of this exercise.

Thus, Kolkata now joins mega cities like Singapore and Taipei which provides city-wide WiFi services for its citizens.

Bloggers in Kolkata are using the free WiFi service, and some have even shared their experience.

‘Free’ can be a claim which needs some further clarification, but certainly the service of city wide connectivity via WiFi certainly sounds great. If you are from Kolkata, then do share your experience of using this service.

  1. Shibaji Chakraborty says

    Hello! Today is 4th June 2015. News displays that from 5th february the starting of wifi in kolkata within two months it will cover all ward of kolkata.But till today I not visit anything though 2 months have gone.
    I could not understand that how anyone can access that service?

  2. karan says

    I’ve 3g network enabled phone then will I use the 4G Wi-Fi internet service.

  3. Vivek says

    This is not true, Indore is nation’s first wifi city with free 4G wifi started a year ago… its embarrassing to see articles like this with wrong title.

  4. anirban saha says

    i used the connection on parkstreet..its realy fast i used it continuesly 1 hour and its gave me 250-500 kb ps spreed for downloading

  5. zahid says

    I hv heared that we can use only 30 minutes in a day.
    is it ryt or wrong???? and it will be only for 6 months free

  6. rahul says

    Congrats to all my friends from kolkata.. waiting for this to happen soon in delhi as well… WiFi Delhi.. OMG can’t imagine the day it gonna happen… I be so happy man… Thanks Mohul For sharing this info here with all of us… Cheers Mate..

    1. C.K.Raja says

      vow..its great time in india…if any one is tested in kolkatta guys plz post command…

      How they will choose user id and how will provide user authentication… once again thanks …warm welcome of these..

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