Mumbai Based Firm Creates Super-Affordable Chip to ‘Correct’ Radiations Emitted By Your Mobile Devices & Routers!


Living constantly with devices like cell phones, Wi-fi, laptops, etc, all of us are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiations and thermal emissions of these devices. At the same time, these are an integral part of our lives and indispensable- whether we are at home, the workplace, at a coffee shop, in a mall or dining out with friends.

Keeping in mind the health hazards posed due to constant exposure to such devices, a Mumbai based company has come up with a unique chip which, according to them, can help cut down the radiations emitted by our devices.

Ajay Poddar, Managing Director of Environics said, “Long conversations a mobile phone will often heat up the user’s ear or cause headaches. This can’t be avoided by simply using hands-free accessories”.

The electromagnetic rays emitted by these gadgets, according to Poddar, cause maximum and irreversible damage.

“The human body communicates in random and irregular wave forms. Radiation from electronic devices interferes with the body’s functions in the long term, especially in cases of prolonged constant exposure.”

To safeguard the health of people constantly exposed to such gadgets (me included), the team of researchers at Environics have come up a “Enviro Chip’ and ‘Enviro Strip’. These can help change the wave forms emitted by the gadgets named above to irregular waves which are compatible with the wave forms of the human body.

Poddar goes on to explain that the technology put to use in the chip and strip created by his company was originally designed for mobile towers, so that the radiations could be neutralized from the source itself. Sadly enough, his company has not been able to convince the telecom service providers to start using their technology with a view to safeguarding the health of people, he mentions.

environics chip

Companies, according to Environics, prefer to remain in the denial mode to avoid possible litigation, very conveniently evading their responsibility by using phrases like “no conclusive evidence” and “no substantial proof”.

The chip manufactured by Environics is simple, handy and convenient to use besides being extremely affordable. Available for a mere Rs 400 at certain retail outlets and many e-commerce sites, the chip needs to be stuck to the specified part of a device to correct the radiation emitted by it.

The Environics team then conducted experiments to measure the difference in stress level experienced by an individual by measuring the pulse rate. A majority of those who used the chip were seen to show upto 8percent improvement in pulse rate after using it for 3 to 9 months.

While leading telcos were not willing to put this unique technology to use, the concept found worthy takers among Pepsi Foods, ICICI Bank, Taj Group of Hotels besides many other corporate and individual clients.

If the chip being manufactured by Environics can actually help correct the radiations emitted by our gadgets, they deserve a huge applause for coming up with such a wonderful chip at prices no one would mind spending!

Check out this introductory video of how Environics Chip can help individuals as well businesses to keep away from harmful radiations!

Question to readers: What do you think? In your view, do these anti-radiation chips help?

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