Rebuilding New Hyderabad – Singapore To Build A City In India 10 Times Its Own Size!


How would you feel if you were to lose the only thing you love and see it get snatched right in front of you. And you can’t do anything except watch. A million times painful than just imagining it, right?. But perhaps this pain brings out the best in times of adversity.

N Chandra Babu Naidu, a face that every telgite knows and respects. A CM who ruled the state for consequently 10 years and who is behind the IT development in a state that produces one of the highest number of engineering pass outs. He built Hyderabad from scratch and transformed it into what we know today by attracting foreign investments and striking deals with many MNC’s such as Microsoft, Google etc.

With the state legally divided into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The people of Andhra Pradesh voted back their leader into power and to lose the city he built from scratch to Telangana must have been terrible. But he’s a roman at heart, he has big plans for his state this time again.

A few months back, he invited Google Inc to help digitalize Andhra Pradesh in which Nikesh Arora confirmed Google handing much support to Mr Naidu. And he has now invited Singapore to plan the new city and also made a friendly collaboration with Japan for the capital.

Singapore-New Hyderabad

As per world rankings, Singapore remains the best country to do business in and in one of the voting campaigns, Mr Naidu had promised the people of transforming the state into a mini Singapore. And yes! here we have a Politian who has kept his word.

Mr Naidu had like Modi, visited Japan to attract funding and seek help from them other Japanese investment sectors. In a meeting with Softbank’s Masayoshi Son, who has shown interest in funding a 10,000 MV Solar power generation unit. Mr Naidu in the same regard said, “The cost of solar power has come down from Rs 14 to around Rs 6 per unit and if we can further bring it down to Rs 4, then it will be a revolution meeting the energy requirements.” Mr Naidu also confirmed Son’s willingness to help set up IT structures. The initial investment Softbank has promised is $10 billion.

Mr Naidu also met Japanese PM Shnizo Abe who was receptive to the development of Andhra Pradesh. He has in return promised Japanese companies speedy clearances and a separate cell to address any problems. An MoU is coming soon in the names of Yokohama and Kakinada.

Vizag will also be revamped and in a very different way. Vizag, one of the prominent sea ports had suffered the typhoon recently and was in a bad shape, but life has limped back. We might soon see some large chunk of Japanese investors fly down to Andhra to finalize deals.

The designing is however left to the experts of Singapore who will design a city that is 10 times bigger than Singapore itself. The new city will take up 7235 km and $16.5 billion . The plan is to be completed in 6 months and the first phase of development is scheduled to be completed by the next 5 years.

Singapore and Japan are countries that have very little natural resources and have seen their industries grow by minutes. This fact seems to have got Mr Naidu’s attention from the start. He has been pro IT for a long time. Many don’t know that most of his cabinet meetings happen on tablets and big screens. Each of his ministers possess tablets during each of his meetings, just like Mr Naidu himself notes down and presents most of his ideas in the e-form.

We do hope to see Andhra gets a new capital and we are sure because the state is being led by a visionary.

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  1. sri says

    With all due respect … he was at the right time and place in macro economics terms to leverage opportunities for Hyderabad… he needed Hyderabad as much as Hyderabad needed those opportunities. Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaon also got the same treatment in terms of growth… I am not taking away anything from Naidu but “from scratch” is taking it too far … relax

  2. sreedhar says

    The Author is misinformed and doesn’t know the history of the City. But the sad thing is, how could a newspaper publish such an article?

    The readers must know these things…

    1. Hyderabad has a history of 400+ years. It was a prosperous city even on the day Telangana was merged with AP.

    2. In the early 1950’s, after the infusion of 1cr into the, the then AP capital, Kurnool, the employees were still working under the tents…

    3. Today, Hyderabad’s age old building can hold assembly’s of 2 states.

    4. It was already an educational hub.

    5. The infrastructure and human resources were already there for the IT industry.

    6. Bill Clinton or Bill Gates did not visit Pune or Chennai. Yet they are as good as Hyd in the IT sector. Gujarat has all the infrastructure required for any kind of company, but they lack human resources required for IT sector. Hence you don’t see IT in Baroda/Ahmedabad.

    7. You lived in this city and made money, doesn’t mean you own it. This is every Indian’s City and anybody can live here happily.

    8. All that is changed now is, the revenue which HYD get’s will be utilised for the development of the under privileged, and that is only a redeeming feature.

    9. It’s hard to control regional emotions, but mind you that the people of telangana were in your shoes in the 1950s. That feeling of lost still lingered, that is the sole reason why Telangana State is a reality today.

    10. So, let’s stop Whining that somebody is robbed of something and focus on the unbiased development.

  3. Manoj says

    ………. built hyderabad from scratch… a funny introduction ROFL :)

  4. Sai says

    Looks like the author got butthurt, Arun Don’t encourage articles like these which look like Paid one’s.

  5. dinesh says

    Get your facts right, Intergraph came to hyd 9 years before Naidu became cm. If you are a fan of naidu no issues, but don’t fool people with your ignorance.

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