The Top 5 IPOs That Rocked The Global Stock Markets In 2014


Raising funds is nothing less than a herculean task except that even Hercules would not want to carry! Especially in today’s scenario, with all the compliances and procedures, companies most love to go to their closest bank for funds. But this year saw, some companies make the most risk-averse investors want to go for a bargain.

Some stocks plunged while others sky rocketed; here is the list of companies that raked in all they could!



#5 Citizens Financial Group- $3B [US]

A subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland, Citizen Financial Group rose 7.4% on the first day of it’s IPO that released in September 2014.

Trading it’s share on NYSE, the stock priced at $21.50 closed at $23.08, having 560 million shares outstanding after the IPO. However wanting to exit the American market,, the UK group plans to sell it’s US division to raise more capital.

#4 HK Electric Investments- $3.11B [Hong Kong]

The biggest IPO in Asia, early January 2014, this utility company set the path by lenders funding $3.11 Billion. An electricity supplier, the IPO was underpriced many say, at HK$ 5.45 or (70 US cents) reached HK$ 6.30 in a matter of hours.

As of today, it trades at a low of HK$5.05

#3 MEDIBANK- $4.9B [Australia]

The Australian health insurer couldn’t have asked for anything better. Priced at A$ 2.15 for institutional investors and A$2 for individuals, the insurer raised the highest amount the Australian Securities Exchange saw.

Though at present the stock seems to be doing fairly well, the IPO had a good start. Though many claim the stock is overpriced and consequently will fade away, we hope to see how the stock finds its way to the top.


As surprising as it may seem, this bank raised the second largest IPO outside US and all this only from the home investors!

The Tadawul All Share Index (SASEIDX), the kingdom’s stock exchange witnessed the largest raising in it’s history and plans to open to FII and FDI’s soon. With subsequent upward price appraisals, the stock is reported with a 53% increase in November 2014.

#1 ALIBABA- $25 billion [China]

“This is the most anticipated event I’ve ever seen in my 20-year career on the floor of the NYSE,” said Mark Otto, partner with J. Streicher & Co, who trades on the NYSE floor.

A day to go down in history, September 19th, 2014 – Alibaba, a company unknown to the Americans and a household name in China, debuted the NYSE and was quoted at $92.70.

Sweeping $25 billion, the company’s market cap was $220bn which is much more than the combined market cap of Amazon and E-bay.

Alibaba surpassed the previous record made by it’s home company Agricultural Bank of China in 2010 which had raised $22.1 billion.

The stock has been on a higher crest ever since the listing unlike FB’s share that crashed.

Some memorable Indian IPO moments of 2014.

Back home, there was some unforgettable action in the NSE and BSE Indexes. The top grossers that seem to be trading at a consistent bullish trend include companies like Encash Entertainment Private Ltd at 206.75% since the listing date Sep 29’2014, Wonderla Holidays at 113.36% since May 09’ 2014 and Snowman trading at 103.72 since Sep 12, 2014.

These were indeed some of the most awaited IPOs that may have plunged and seen the most bullish run, but the IPO dates will be long cherished of 2014.

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