Air Travel Cheapest In India: Global Transportation Price Index


This is just the start of festive season, and on one hand Indian Railways is trying to woo business class travelers by providing them Office on the Wheels experience, and on the other hand low cost airlines are luring budget travelers with heavy discounts and offers.

But the price sensitive Indian consumer should feel proud to know that in terms of Air travel, India is the cheapest in the world at $10.36 / 100 kms (roughly Rs 615). And overall, India is the 14th least expensive country to travel in the world.

Here are average travel costs in India for various modes of transport.

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These findings were revealed by, which is Europe’s fastest growing travel portal wherein users can find out the best information about air, rail and bus travel inside Europe. The study titled: “Worldwide Transportation Price Index” was conducted in a very interesting manner. GoEuro team compared the travel costs associated while travelling to the most populous cities of 51 top countries where tourism is growing at a fast speed.

Considering factors such as distance covered, schedule of travel options and taxes, GoEuro compared all the three modes of travel: Bus, Train and Air to derive this transportation index. The travel expenses were calculated based on per 100 kms travelled using any or all the cheapest modes available.

Based on the research of this data collected from 51 countries, it was found that India ranks as 14th least expensive country to travel by bus, air and train.


The top 5 most expensive countries in terms of overall transport index are:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Israel
  5. Denmark

The top 5 least expensive countries for traveling are:

  1. South Africa
  2. Albania
  3. Malaysia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Turkey

Top 5 most expensive countries For Air Travel are

  1. Finland ($138.90/100 kms expense)
  2. Switzerland where ($125.07 / 100 kms expense)
  3. Lithuania ($116.72 / 100 kms expense)
  4. Austria ($91.78 / 100 kms expense)
  5. Estonia ($79.68 / 100 kms expense)

And the least expensive countries for Air travel among 51 countries

  1. India ($10.36 / 100 kms)
  2. Malaysia ($11.43 / 100 kms)
  3. South Africa ($11.63 / 100 kms)
  4. Australia ($12.20 / 100 kms)
  5. Spain ($13.21 / 100 kms)

Similarly, separate rankings for Train travel and Bus travel has been determined.

Denmark is the most expensive country to travel by train as $39.84 would be spent / 100 kms, whereas South Africa with $1.88 / 100 kms is the cheapest. India is ranked at #30 as the most expensive country to travel by train at $14.89 (Rs 894) for each 100 kms.

Netherlands is the most expensive country to travel by bus where $28.58 is the average bus fare for each 100 kms. Bus travel is cheapest in Egypt where only $1.88 is spent for traveling 100 kms. In India, travel by bus only takes $5.75 (Rs 345) per 100 kms, and is ranked as 11th least expensive country.

This global transportation price index will be immensely useful for the globe-trotter who is always on the move, experiencing different countries and cultures within a shoe-string budget. By understanding the price variations among different mode of travel, the traveler can easily chose the best option for himself.

You can find the complete price index here.

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