Here Is #Budget2014 In One Simple Infographic


So we are done with the budget, while the experts and analysts are still looking at the finer details of what has been announced, we bring you the highlights of this budget in one simple Infographic.

The Infographic has been created by good folks at and it gives a great simplified understanding of this #budget2014.

The infographic lets you know the comparison of how the tax slabs have changed and what will be the max payout for various income categories.

Here is the Simplified Budget Infographic for you!


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  1. Ravi Shanker (@ravionweb) says

    Superb! Excellent Infographics. First time i shared something from a blog on to my facebook :)

  2. Dr. Diana says

    India’s politics system is very bad. Only corrupt leaders are playing with innocent people of India. The prices of each and everything are touching sky.


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