Flipkart Introduces Same Day Guaranteed Shipping


To add to previously launched In-A-Day shipping, Flipkart has now launched Same Day Guaranteed shipping that will help customers get their orders delivered on the same day at a cost.

To start off, Flipkart has made same day shipping available in 10 cities including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Kolkata, Manesar, Navi mumbai and Thane. These are essentially the places where Flipkart have their warehouses.

As the launch day offer, Flipkart is also offering the entire order free, if they are not able to send it on the same day. However, the order needs to be below Rs. 5000 and is eligible only for the orders placed from 00:00:00, April 28 to 11:59:59, April 30. Customers can redeem this money for future purchases at Flipkart.com

Flipkart Same Day Delivery

Same Day delivery is a very tough proposition for ecommerce sites. While it is generally possible to do it in one or two cities, offering it in 10 cities has lot of dynamics involved.

Unless, a ecommerce company have their warehouse in the same or neighboring city, it is virtually impossible to guarantee it due to dependency on travel modes.

Flipkart is not offering in 1 or 2 cities but in 10 different cities, which means they need to not only have their warehouses in that area, but inventory of each product needs to be available in each of those places… and Flipkart seems to have done that.

The expedited same day shipping obviously comes at an additional cost. For limited time, Flipkart is making it available on promotional price of Rs. 140 per item. Though they call it promotional pricing, I don’t think it will be increased at later stage.

Apart from Flipkart, Snapdeal has same day delivery, but is limited to Delhi and Gurgaon and is not available on all the products. Ebay.in also has express shipping in 9 hours, but is available for orders from Mumbai only.

Give Flipkart’s same day delivery a try next time you order, and let us know your experience with it.

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