Micromax Handsets Now “Made In India”; Manufacturing Starts In Uttarkhand!


Micromax has confirmed that they have started manufacturing handsets at their Rudraprayag facility in Uttarakhand. The spokesperson who shared this news with PTI added that as of now, all their tablets are being manufactured at this facility and since last 2 months, they have started producing handsets as well.

We had speculated earlier that Micromax may start manufacturing their phones right inside India as it will save them money. They started with Chinese handsets which they white-labeled with their own brand; then they progressed to assembling the units and now graduated to manufacturing as well.

Micromax spokesperson said, “Micromax has manufacturing plant in Rudraprayag where it manufactures LED and tablets. The company started manufacturing mobile phones couple of months back,”

Micromax Made in India-001

Rudraprayag is the administrative headquarters of Uttrakhand, and has quickly become of the most prominent manufacturing hub of the region. Ashok Leyland; Tata Motors and several others have started their production bases in the region.

Micromax is currently India’s #2 mobile phone company, having revenues of Rs 3168 crore in 2013 with 13% market share. In the tablets niche, they have conquered 8.9% market share as they successfully sold 4.14 million units last year. Their goal is to make $1 billion revenue by the end of 2014.

Last year we had showcased their meteoritic rise in the Indian telecom industry, and how an Indian brand has been able to carve out a separate niche in this competitive market.

It seems, Micromax has played their cards really well to kickstart their own manufacturing plant, which above everything else, help to bring costs down.

They are doing their branding perfectly right, as they have roped in Hollywood actors to become their brand ambassadors as well. They are all set to launch operations in Russia very soon.

But in the hustle bustle of expansion and billion dollar plans, it seems they have somewhat lost focus on the most important entity for a company: Customers. Their customer service and after-sales reviews have been disastrous to say the least, and customers are upset over their behavior to solve their genuine problems.

Hopefully, with a Made in India tag, and in-house manufacturing unit, Micromax will save on expenditures and help to introduce a better customer-centric approach along with low costs for their handsets and tablets.

Do you believe that Indian manufacturing industry will get a boost after this decision of Micromax to start their own manufacturing hub? Will their prices come down? Do share your views by commenting right here!

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  2. Ashal Jauhari says

    Is it Rudraprayag or Rudrapur, the location of plant? The administrative head quarter of Uttarakhand is Dehradoon if you meant for capital city.

    Please correct the things.



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