BJP’s Election Manifesto – Whats In Store For Businesses & Entrepreneurs?


BJP finally released its election manifesto today, with the vision of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat – Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ (One India, Best India – Unity and Development for everyone).

Election Manifesto BJP

Some analysts are claiming that BJP may have been a little late in releasing the manifesto as Indian General Elections have started from today. And as per Election Commission’s rules, they cannot broadcast or discuss their manifesto now on TV.

It seems that Narendra Modi had few differences on some key pointers mentioned in the manifesto, which actually delayed it. Considering that Narendra Modi is the face of BJP in this election, the delay is acceptable.

This time, the vision and mission of BJP is only progress and development, a stand which is the need of the hour. Unlike previous manifestos where their focus was on mostly religion, this manifesto looks surprisingly fresh and full of hope.

A Tweet summarizes the manifesto this way: “Number of times these words appear in the manifesto: Hindu: 1 Muslim: 1 Temple: 1 Science: 27 Technology: 58”

While releasing the manifesto, Narendra Modi said, “Nation has stopped. The manifesto has what it takes to fulfil dreams of the people.”

What is in store for businessmen and entrepreneurs from BJP’s manifesto?

– Black money hidden overseas would be brought back into the country

– Special Courts would be established to check price rise. Black marketers and Hoarders would be punished

– Price Stabilization Funds would be created

– FCI would be unbundled into Procurement; Storage and Distribution (note: this is an excellent announcement, considering more than Rs 3000 crore worth of food is wasted every year)

– Real Time Data facility would be provided to farmers to cope with crop-diseases and calamities

– A National Agriculture Market would be established

– Labor Intensive Manufacturing would be promoted to generate mass-level employment. Example of such sectors include: textile, footwear, electronics assembly, tourism etc

– Agriculture and Retail both will be modernized and strengthened so as to generate more employment and to make the country stronger

– Youth would be empowered and encouraged for self-employment, entrepreneurship would be promoted via facility of credit

– Employment exchanges would be converted into Career Centres; Youth would be connected with the latest trends and opportunities in employment via counseling!

– Mass level implementation of e-Governance, which will ensure that corruption is rooted out of the system all together

– System based, policy driven government

– Tax structure would be simplified

– Manufacturing, services and different sectors would be interlinked and all bottlenecks would be removed for smooth functioning of the governance

– The new government, if voted to power, will be pro-people, pro-active, increasing the role and participation of people’s views and opinions in decision making

– Public-Private Partnership model would be evolved into People-Public-Private-Partnership Model

– Broadband penetration would be increased and every village in the country would be connected via information-superhighway

– e-Governance and Social Media would be inter-linked, thereby providing the public with more transparency and accountability.

– All rural and semi-rural areas would be developed to generated IT and ITes related jobs

– Technology would be used to lessen the burden of books on children! eBooks and eLearning facilities would be promoted across the country (a masterstroke)

– FDI in multi-brand retail would not be allowed

– But, FDI would be allowed wherever possibilities of job creation exists

– FDI would be allowed in defense contracts

There are several other attractive, economic-friendly and citizen-empowering decisions, based on the usage of technology and innovation being mentioned in the manifesto. Narendra Modi has done his homework for this manifesto, and it looks very promising and growth oriented.

Update: [Looks like BJP Manifesto has been removed from Slideshare. You can download the full pdf copy of manifesto from here.]

Do share your views and opinions on this manifesto released by BJP. Will it influence your vote?

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