Amazon Introduces EMI Schemes To Push Kindle Sales in India


Amazon has only recently started their business in India but the pace at which they are strolling is immense. Initially entering as (a price search engine), they finally entered as and have added almost all the categories that their competitors like Flipkart offer.

Adding to that of course is their Kindle store and devices which provides books to the people at great prices and e-book readers and the Kindle Fire series. However, as with any tablet device these days, the price point is very important for its sale in India. Also, ebook readers are not something that people instantly connect with.

Even a person who is an avid reader might feel that it is paying too much money for a device that does only one thing. To encourage such users, Amazon has introduced the age old method of EMI schemes in India.

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You can purchase the Kindle devices directly from Amazon on EMI as low as Rs. 900 for Kindle Paperwhite and Rs. 500 for Kindle. These numbers are obviously for a twelve month plan but looking at the rates, it will surely intrigue avid book readers who were avoiding it for some time. Especially perhaps students who do not have that much money to spend on a product directly.

In a recent survey about ebook readers showed that the biggest deterrent for people in buying the e-book readers is in fact their price. Even serious readers do not feel the need to spend that much money on a device like that. As Kindle apps and books is one of Amazon’s primary ways to earn money, it is very important that these products sell great.

Apple has already shown that the EMI schemes are great in India. Even product like iPhone which is mostly a high end gadget benefits from setting EMI giving a clear indication that Amazon is on a right path with this idea.

Interestingly, the survey shows that most people would buy a Kindle if they do buy an ebook reader giving Amazon a clear edge over its competitors.

As for the product itself, I would recommend it highly to anyone who likes reading. I own one and it is way better than any tablet experience. Also, the battery life of a Kindle beats any tablet out of the park.

Of course, the simple disadvantage being that reading is all you can do on a Kindle but with the screen size of phones reaching ginormous proportions, I think tablets might already become a secondary option for most people and they can consider buying a kindle instead.

If you are an avid reader, and don’t own Kindle, now may be the time to pick it up!

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