Launches Store Pickup In Mumbai, Delhi


While placing my order for an external hard-disk on Amazon today, I noticed something quite interesting on the shipping page – It said, “On the move? Pick up your order from our pickup store.”. Here is the screenshot of what it showed me.

Amazon Pickup Store

Amazon, seems to have quietly launched this on pilot basis as officially there is no news from Amazon.

How Amazon Pickup store Delivery Works

Lets say you are in city where you do not have permanent address, or you are on the move and have order a product from Amazon. In such a scenario, it works out well, if you had a fixed address from where you could pick your merchandize.

If you are in Mumbai or Delhi, you can now avail this Amazon’s pickup store facility. During the shipping process, just choose “Amazon Pickup” service and search for pickup location nearest to you. It will show you multiple choices which you can choose to pickup.

Amazon will then send your merchandize to the selected address for you to pick up.

Currently, it looks like Amazon has tied up with BPCL Deal outlets in Mumbai and Delhi. When I searched a Mumbai address, it showed me all “In & Out Stores” that are operated by BPCL Dealers.

Amazon Pickup Addresses

This service will also be beneficial to those who generally are not at home, and no one else is there to accept the shipment.

Amazon operates similar pickup from store service in US and now has extended it in India on pilot basis.

It is an interesting move, and looks like it may get introduced by other ecommerce portals as well.

What is your take on this service? Do you think it will be beneficial?

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  3. Love Suryavanshi says

    Same type of service was started by (don’t remember exact name) a year back.

  4. Malick says

    Online, Offline shopping experience is better. Get best of both sides!

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