Govt E-Transactions Cross 2 Bln In 2013, 100 Times More Than 2012


Indians are now comfortable transacting online – Growth of e-commerce in India over past 2-3 years is a testament to that fact. But there is another vertical that is witnessing a big boom in online transactions – The National and State level e-Governance projects.

The live ticker on e-taal (Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer), the government web portal that provides statistics on transactions done electronically by citizens with various e-Governance projects, shows that Indians have done over 2 billion e-transactions in last one year.

The amazing aspect of this number is that compared to 2012, this number has increased by a multiple of 100. In 2012, only 21 million e-transactions were registered as compared to 2 billion in 2013.

National e-Transactions Count

The count is based on 30 government services offered offered electronically by state & government bodies like Tax payments, property registrations, RTI, Passport & Visa services, Company registration, Licenses & Permits, utility services & bill payments etc.

Top States in E-Transactions

When it came to states who did maximum number of e-transactions for procuring Government services, Gujarat took the lead. Infact, the top 3 states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh accounted for more than half of all the e-transactions done in 2013, while the Top 5 states accounted for 75 percent of all transactions.

Here are the top 10 states by number of e-transactions:

Top E-Transacting States

It is clear that Gujarat, though being a smaller state compared to likes of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and few others have implemented e-governance very successfully. Out of 2 billion total transactions done in 2013, they alone accounted for nearly 400 million!

Top Services for e-Transactions

Among all the services used, Agriculture was by far the biggest one utilized by Indian citizens. Among all the e-transactions, 165 million were from Agriculture sector alone. Telecommunication, Health and CSC were other verticals that witnessed high number of e-transactions.

Services Used

It is pleasant to see that e-transactions are on the rise, however, one needs to keep in mind that India has a population of over 1.25 billion people and 2 billion transactions over a period of 1 year is still very small.

Hopefully, in next few years we will see even more exponential growth in e-transactions!

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