Govt To Introduce Instant Aadhaar Linked Verification For New Mobile Connections


It’s been over a year since the news has been making round that Aadhar Identification will be a valid proof. Even currently most telecom operators accept Aadhaar card as a valid ID proof. But, using Aadhaar card as a ID proof does not skip the lengthy verification process. It acts merely as a replacement of other ID proofs like driving license, PAN card, ration card etc.

This is because the verification process if not linked to Aadhaar cards. But that may soon change. According to Hindu article, Govt is in the process of finalizing norms that will enable instant identity verification using Aadhaar card biometrics data.


How Instant Verification Works

Retailers will take finger impressions of customer who is interested in new mobile connection. This will then be matched to the Aadhaar card data at the point of sale. The verification will happen online securely on Aadhaar servers. Once successful, customer can immediately get a new mobile connection.

A pilot project was successfully conducted in Andhra Pradesh in this regards, the state which has over 56 million people enrolled for Aadhaar card .

The advantages of carrying out Aadhaar based verification are obvious. From telecom operator’s perspective, the effort required to do the current lengthy manual verification process comes down to nearly zero. Not only are cost savings huge, the operator does not have to worry about maintaining tons of paper work as well.

Last year, TRAI had enforced strict norms on operators to ensure that customers do not submit wrong or inaccurate identity information in the interest of national security as rogue elements of society routinely took advantage of it. With Aadhaar linked verification, it will be nearly impossible to obtain a new connection.

Department of Telecommunication is planning issue new guidelines in this regards by the end of the year. Once the guidelines are in place, customers will not need anything else other than Aadhaar Card to get a new mobile phone connection.

  1. Anti Corruption says

    Let none of the subsidized or non subsidized benefits be linked with the aadhar card. Let the aadhar card be used used only for identification and not for any other benefit or purpose.

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