BSE Launches Free Mobile App On Android & Window 8 Platform


People interested in stock markets are going to love this – BSE Sensex now has its own mobile app for android based mobile phones and Windows 8 based devices. The mobile app allows Investors to keep a track of all 26 BSE indices on a real time basis. Investors can download free application on Android smart phone, Windows 8 desktop and window 8 mobile.

If you are a stock investor or a trader, this app should be a must for you. Even if you are an infrequent stock market dabbler, this app is sure to help you.

We tested the BSE Android app, and were left quite impressed with it, especially the speed.

There is something quite appealing about mobile apps compared to their web versions, especially if they are well made. Generally, lot of thought needs to go in the design of these mobile apps, as you have limited screen space to show the features.

BSE mobile app is very simple and yet very useful and that’s the beauty of it. It takes fraction of time to get an update on stock price, or track a particular indices. The same may take much more time if you use BSE website.


BSE Mobile App Features

The graph offer precise real-time up-to-the minute graph of where the index stands. Similarly, clicking on the name of any stock will offer it’s price graph along with all the standard information like its close, open, it’s current traded value, volume, market cap of the stock and more.

The app also offers the pending buy and sell quantity of the a particular stock. App has a nice way of displaying the daily top gainers and loosers. For every stock screen, it also shows up companies latest announcements. However, when we clicked on announcements, it did not open.

App offers a standard search box where you could put the stock code, or simple name of the company partially or fully and it will throw up list of companies matching the criteria.

What we really found great about this app was the speed. It really worked quite fast, more than we’d expected.

However, we found one thing missing, that would have added lot of value – “Favourite stocks”. So, I could add the stocks that I want into my favourite list and when any new news, information or price movement happened, I would have been notified. Hopefully, BSE will add it in future versions!

Give it a try, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

BSE On Mobile Android App

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