DND Manager App: Report Spammy calls / SMSes to Operator with ease!


Even today after nearly a year since I have registered with Do Not Call registry, I still get Pesky marketing calls and Spam messages on my mobile phone. And, as far as I know, most of you get it quite frequently as well.

Initially, when I used to get such calls or SMSes, I reported them religiously for greater good and with a thought that with more people reporting the menace of pesky callers will go away. However, instead of reducing it has been steadily increasing. Obviously, not too many people take it seriously

I have been using Spam blocker apps on my Android phone and it while it definitely reduced the number of calls / SMSes I used to receive, the problem has remained.

Couple of days back though, I came across an app, which I thought was probably the best way to counter these Spammy calls / SMSes.

DND Manager is an Android app created by Noida based company called Webshrub solutions. Although the app was launched couple of months back, it has been downloaded less than 5000 times till date.

DND Manager

In last couple of days, I received 3 calls which I could report using DND manager and blocking/reporting was actually quite seamless. Without an app like this user has to create an SMS in a specified format and then report (which easily takes about 2 minutes of your time.

With this app is installed, you can just choose the call / SMS from the list and report them with just 2 clicks. The app will create a SMS in standard format which telecom operator requires and send it. In all probability, you or anyone else will not get calls from that number again (after Telco blocks them).

Spam Call SMS

While other spam blocker apps are really good, this particular app does go a step further and reports the call/SMS. And, it does not take much effort from user’s side as well.

While writing about DND Manager, I also came across another app called “India against Spam”, which does exactly the same thing. Although, I have not given it a try, user reviews suggests that it is a good app as well.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”Note” width=”600″ ]One of the reasons, I wrote this article is because I want ever Android user to download these apps on their phone and report them to operators. If enough people do it, I am sure the menace of spammy callers and SMSes will soon come to an end![/box]

App Download Links

DND Manager / India Against Spam

If you know any other apps (for platforms other than Android), do let us know in the comments section!

  1. Sarvesh says

    Thanks for mentioning DND Manager.
    I started using it and found it very unique app to report it to TRAI.
    I got few spammers blocked using this excellent app.

    Kudos to the DND Manager app developer

  2. ksavai says

    I am using India Against Spam since 6-7 months and reported atleast 30 sms. Vodafone do take that and follow up with what they did in couple of days

  3. Sachin says

    I am using “India against Spam” and it is really a good app to report spam.

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