A quirk in recent smartphones


Smartphones have been here for a long time now. Blackberry is a company that only deals with smartphones. Apple became the world’s largest company launching a single smartphone model a year.

Almost every company have their high end phones having all the necessary smartphone things in them. And since the dawn of iPhone, the whole scenario changed on its heels.

Then came Android phones pushing the sales of smartphones further. An exclusive commodity once, it now can be found readily even in a child’s palm.

As the phones became smarter, the data in them became more sensitive. In fact, right now the situation is that giving someone your laptop might be more secure than your mobile.

Need for security brought in passwords, patterns and of course, security apps like Apps locker, antivirus etc. I can proudly say that my phone is secured of all privy people, in person or online. Even if it gets lost I can track it by GPS or erase all its data so that it does not fall in wrong hands.

Smartphones have been made as secure as computers, probably more. There is just one problem to that. I cannot call someone when the phone is locked.

Smartphone Lock

There is to be honest only one reason for that. What if I have an accident and am being rushed to a hospital? Can my family be informed immediately? No! Anyone opening the phone will not be able to go beyond the lock with an emergency number dialer below that is useless in India.

Our emergency numbers do not work with it. If there was an app that could change the emergency dialer to our contacts or if it was hard-coded in Smartphones itself it would be very useful. It adds the risk of someone getting the number if your phone is stolen but to be honest there are only two types of thieves. One who will sell it in black market and do not care about any contacts and two, who want your data and for them a single number is of barely any importance.

And there is always a case where if I lost my mobile, and the person (who has found it and wants to return) needs to call one of the contacts on my phone, so that he/she can inform about the lost phone. But because the phone is locked, he/she cannot do that.

Here, I will be honest in saying that I have not used ICS and Jellybean (on Android) till now, but as far as I know, these features are not present in them as well. There might be some apps for this maybe, but they are not widely famous and to be honest this should be hard coded in the mobile OS itself.

An OS working in so many countries, they should give the option of customizing at least a few numbers as emergency so that lock code can be bypassed to call or at least message them.

What do you guys think on this? Are there any apps which can do so?

Does Apple or Blackberry provide such service? Share your views.

  1. Giri says

    Very practical suggestion. Should be appealed to the phone makers and network operators.

  2. shailesh Agrawal says

    Emergency Group(ICE) numbers can be called from phone without opening lock/pattern in my galaxy SIII

    1. Giri says

      That sa stars.Samsung Galaxy 3 being a very exclusive phone, it helps very small number, still it’s a step in the right direction :)

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