Indian Application Development market to exceed $227 million in 2012


In 2012, Indian app market is expected to rise $227 billion, which is 22.6 percent higher than the previous year. According to the study by Gartner called “Market Trends: Application Development Software, Worldwide, 2012-2016”, the growth will be driven by the rising mobile application development, innovative development methodologies, open source software and software development modules.

A principal research analyst at Gartner said “apart from emerging dynamics of cloud and social computing; the application modernization will continue to be a solid reason for the the growth of application development”.


According to the report, domains that boost the Indian application development market include –

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has changed the concept of application development and the way applications are designed, tested and implemented. This resulted in a significant shift in the priorities of the apps. Today, nearly 90 percent of large, small and government agencies are using some aspect of cloud computing.

Cost is an important factor to choose cloud computing, but, the flexibility and speed to implement a new app is also the main reason behind cloud computing.

Open Source Software

The research and analyst firm Gartner, also expects the open source software to continue to extend its presence and put pressure on the industry leaders for the next 3-5 years. According to the prediction done by Gartner, at least 70 per cent of new enterprise Java applications will be deployed on an open source Java application server by the end of 2017.

Moreover, the open source tools will continue to eat away the revenue for some app development in the categories of – design, Web development and testing. The limited budgets and economic conditions compel to focus much on cost reduction, thus rendering the use of open source software in various apps.

The open source software is driven primarily by the success of NetBean and Eclipse. Due to which we can see a prominent change in the market by the small software providers who are looking for easy approach to offer their products.

Emerging trends

According to Asheesh Raina, the research analyst at Gartner, the emerging trends are leading the app demand towards newer architectures, business models, programming languages and user skills. Emerging mobile applications are transforming the app development space drastically and are one of the top three priorities at the enterprise level.

In a research, it is also found that, by 2013 CIOs are expecting more than 20 per cent of their employees to use tablets instead of laptops. This all resulted in evolving new apps and tools to meet the preferences and requirements of the latest devices.

  1. Amit Goenka says

    Chairman’s Statement

    I am pleased to present the results for MobileWave Group plc for the period ended 28 February 2012. The period under review has been an extremely trying one for the company and your board continues to lead the company through an uncertain period, but with a very definite strategic view as to where we would like to take the company. The period under review was dominated by negotiating with potential new investors the process of building an effective leadership team, the need to define and redefine our strategic product offering, negotiating the acquisition of Ariose Software and the litigation with Devin Narang of Delhi, India, for payment of the outstanding 1,070 000 GBP that he owes the company. It is fair to say that the non-payment of this debt has placed enormous pressure on your company as we have been forced to operate under constrained cash flow due to settlement of this debt. The failure to have yet received all the contracted for Convertible Preference Shares (CPS) investment has impacted our ability to close the Ariose transaction and to vigorously grow the human resources and technical base of the company. We have received $400 000 to date and have a written agreement from an investor to invest a further $2,000,000 as part of this class and the company is currently negotiating a positive outcome with this investor.

  2. Amit Goenka says

    Hopefully our london listing will be very soon through Porta Communications who own Newgate Threadneedle we expect a high demand for our stock with ipo priced @12-15p,and Mobilwave Group/MBW will then fully own Ariose and be fully integrated which has been ongoing for 2 years.

  3. Amit Goenka says

    5TH Nov 2012

    After a long running battle our acquisition is complete from Mobilewave Group,we look forward to rebranding and the exciting times ahead.

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