Finished Overseas Education? Here are your job options abroad…


Many students who are interested in going abroad have to first think of the options they have to work in the country where they completed their higher education.

Focusing on what the end result of studying in a specific country is important for most who are just not going abroad for education, but want it culminate in a job. That’s where immigration policies come in to the picture, especially important for the ones not joining one of the World’s Top 100 Schools and Universities.

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Here’s a pretty simple understanding of what to anticipate after finishing their courses at popular study destinations



America allows you a one year optional practical training (OPT) (after completion of your program) where in you must find your job and post that year convert your F1 (student) visa in to an H1B visa (for a maximum duration of 3 years)


United Kingdom allows you an additional 4 months visa (in general) over your course duration. eg. you are going for your one year Masters or MBA, you will get a Tier 4 (student) visa duration of 16 months. After your programme, should you find a job (with over GBP 20000 salary) and successfully obtain a Tier 2 visa, you can extend your working stay up to a period of 3 years.

Until last year (2011), UK allowed students to apply for a Post Study Work visa (PSW), of 2 years duration, after finishing a programme successfully, even without a job offer. This rule has now been abolished


Students can stay back for 6 months under the Third Level Graduate Scheme, Ireland on declaration of results for seeking employment (can work up to 40 hours per week). Once students gain employment, they can apply for Green Card or Work Permit


Students successfully finishing their Bachelors or Masters (taught or by coursework) in Australia can apply for 2 years work permit. Students successfully completing Masters (by research) in Australia can apply for 3 years work permit. Students successfully completing a PhD in Australia can apply for 4 years work permit

New Zealand:

After the completion of the studies, if student has studied a course which is level 7 or above then he/she will be eligible for 1 year of job search Visa. If the course is less then Level 7 then he/she has to study for minimum 2 years to obtain 1 year of job search Visa. Later when student gets permanent job offer (an offer that qualifies the visa requirement) in the related filed of study, he/she may apply for PR.


Students can apply for 6 months Job Search visa, making them eligible to work in any field until a proper job offer is available. Once the job offer is received, students must apply for Employment Pass (e-pass) allowing working full-time in any field. Singapore Permanent Residence can be applied for only after one begins earning at least SGD 3000 per month (and the process time is around 75 days).

Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC): If students have selected University qualifications, students can be considered for EPEC by Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM). EPEC allows international students to stay up to 1 year in Singapore to find jobs. Successful EPEC applicants are required to apply for 1 year Visit Pass from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) which only allows to stay back in Singapore to search for a job and not work. Once a job offer is received, the employer is required to submit an Employment Pass application to the Work Pass Division for consideration. EPEC is issued only one time and is non-renewable


If you study in Canada, under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program, you can gain a maximum work permit of up to 3 years or equivalent to the number of months of your course duration. In general, if you study a program of 2 years or higher, you can gain an employment permit of 3 years, after which you can apply for a Permanent Residency (PR). If your program is of 16 months duration, then you can gain work permit of 16 months. The course should however be 8 months or higher.

In all the countries, all work permits post your studies, are available only on successfully finishing your program. Hence, remember, its important to study, and study well.

We also believe that great education should be the priority. If you have studied hard enough and which is in lines with your long-term goals, most industry employers would be happy to have you in their company.

Lastly, if you have not performed well in your program, employers in spite having offered you a job, are smart enough to understand your utility in their organization.

Kindly note that the information is compiled and presented simply to facilitate your decision-making about studying in a particular country. Detailed understanding of the country’s policies is strongly recommended.

[About the Author: Vishal Badani, one of the leading overseas education counselors in Mumbai and co-founder of International Learning Warehouse has counseled 1000s of students]

  1. Radhika Jayprakash says

    Crisp and clear. very useful information to graduate students. However it would have been appropriate to say Finished Overseas Education? here are your open work permit visas… rather than saying Here are your job options abroad….

    Thank you.

  2. Marriage Kumar says

    Tier 2 Visa – Imperial Visas.

    Tier 2 Visa – The Tier 2 visa (work permit) is the most common visa for foreign nationals in order to live and work in the UK. In 2008, all work permit applications were classed under Tier 2. For a Tier 2 is via a points based assessment. The applicant is required to score a minimum of 50 points in sponsorship section. In addition the applicant must satisfy the English language and maintenance requirements.

  3. Marriage Kumar says

    Tier 2 Visa, Imperial Visas.
    Tier 2 Visa – The Tier 2 visa (work permit) is the most common visa for foreign nationals in order to live and work in the UK. In 2008, all work permit applications were classed under Tier 2. For a Tier 2 is via a points based assessment. The applicant is required to score a minimum of 50 points in sponsorship section. In addition the applicant must satisfy the English language and maintenance requirements.
    Tier 2 Visa.
    Contact Us:-
    2nd Floor Cygnet House,
    12-14 Sydenham Road Croydon.
    Surrey CR0 2EE.
    Telephone: +44 0203 627 4777.
    Email: [email protected]

  4. Marriage Kumar says

    Work Visa- imperial visas.
    Work visa is a document showing that a person is authorized to enter the territory for which it was issued, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry. The authorization may be a document, but more commonly it is a stamp endorsed in the applicant's passport. Some countries do not require a visa in some situations, such as a result of reciprocal treaty arrangements.
    Work Visa
    Contact Us:-
    2nd Floor Cygnet House,
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    Surrey CR0 2EE.
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  5. Sudhamsh Bondugula says

    Dude Kushal… Well your opinion might be honored.. but what VISHAL said is right, the benifits of each country is what he has mentioned, which I don't feel are to be complained against.. no where he gave an easy way of settlement abroad, Anjali rightly said…

  6. Nick says

    nice read

  7. Kushal Dev says

    Mr. Badani is a long time friend! And I do not see eye to eye with him on this one! The immigration policies are not so friendly especvially in the recession and people in the jobs arena are fiercely not ready to accept more educated foreigners on the ground the whole idea of getting a job abroad is built up on the myth of the host countries which are super selling using touts to accommodate cheap labor and fiscal sustainability for funding of the educations systems based on unfair demarcation of education rights between a home student and foreign student on top of that the renumerations are nowhere real compared to responsibilities offered compared to an EU worker with same responsibilities! In short if one has that kind of money to spare they are far better off doing something with it at home! And not to say of social and cultural differences and barricades which do exist! ( I agree not for the immoral thick skinned idiots who find it an escape route, but they end up even worse )! Mr Badani himself I recall preferred to return than slog it out , I am not criticising his decision but it will be dishonest not to point out the fallacy in his statement any country should be careful of the socio political impact its citizens will suffer in a host country and at the moment foreign students who are unsuspecting and with ambition get left stranded between myth and protectionist political ideologies as well as local storms which attempt protectionism in the job sector! none of that is national moral or adhered to Human rights Act but that itself gets challenged by the right wing! The fact is socio political scenario is unfavorable for such by lateral commitment and investment attraction especially from developing nations which still struggles with corruption but there is still much more stability in essence! please refrain from making people sign a bad deal and get them to accept a 'no recourse to public funds ' stamped on theiur visa satus which in fact mean a deviated slave labor status! It is not working and is a raw deal for foreign students ( except who are more interested to compensate that with a dowry in the name of a foreign degree ) the fact is sharing of wealth generated from investments like this shall either be equal! Besides what learning is abroad , spending that kind of money it is very much possible in the home turf! I must say the very dream bubble is a fuck up!

    1. Anjali Giria says

      Kushal, Badani chose to slog out in mumbai and started off a new venture from scratch. I don't think he ever had plans to be in UK forever. Let me put it in simple words " like the life you live or live the life you like".
      Everyone is different and we all take our own decisions.

    2. Kushal Dev says

      I totally agree " like the life you live or live the life you like". but that does not mean leading up to a misinformed decision ! I have made it clear I did not citicize his decisions and I certainly do not undermine his abilities and efforts as a person , but the big picture is somewhat brutal and to be honest a shepherd need not lead the sheep to the slaughter house when there is no need to do that ! And we all know that ! The socio political debacle affects foreign nationals adversely in current political atmosphere engrossed with recession , a double dip recession and the demons come out of the closet ! I am speaking the truth and I know it is known to all immigrants in their shoes , it is not Mr. Badani's individual effort I am talking about here it is what one may call asking people to be not get buried in pitfalls unbidden ! Remember that please ! Friendship and by lateral relationship involves duty of care for the citizens of both the countries involved ! it is not supposed to be a one way road ! I know it very well ! I have experienced it ! And I am not ashamed to speak the truth !

    3. Kushal Dev says

      Dear Gareth ! The problem I am on about Mr Badani will understand exactly, especially what I am saying ! And as far as history economics and everything else is concerned it is invariably interconnected ! Even in the Olympics opening ceremony the contribution of meager 9% of immigrants in rebuilding Britain was omitted harshly except for the carribean bus drivers ( on the whole it was as complicated and indecipherable by masses like my statements ) . The truth is Overseas students shall be aware of gross political upsurge of the right wing ideologies and political impotency to deal with it rationally (they want to run on the judiciary instead – to hell with the separation of powers eh !) the demarcation of rights related issues between EU Workers and Non EU population and the surge of undermining the rights of a human being , which poses an unfair deal for bright young idealistic foreign students who walk in with money for the host nation as well as physical labour and get treated like a shag doll is a fallacy of the propaganda of super selling concept and does not do any good to people on both sides and show no duty of care on our part in Britain ! There is no need for the Indians to be involved in unfair dealings, if there is to be friendship the sharing of wealth needs to be equal not under disadvantaged premonition ! After all that investment was made in faith of protection and long history between these two nations which at grassroots seems to have been tethered to pieces due to surge of the right wing feelings ! We are allied as parliamentary democratic ethos , right from the World war 1 yet I see a certain disrespect which easily crops up as if that contribution made in good faith has now been taken for granted ! The strife is rife on the ground so I do not think false propaganda should be allowed to pool more fools in to make them fall prey to an apple which releases venom after the bite and after good money is paid in consideration , especially so in context of foreign students who bring ten times the money and know how then end up being made to feel degenerated simply because they are foreign- in job market to social security ! The reality is they are not asylum seekers they are promising idealistic youth from distinguished backgrounds who contribute even before they set foot on the soil thus making the disrespect and divisions and discrimination a bit more harsh than anything else and if continued will certainly harm the by lateral relationships ! The World is not a fool you know and they better not be either ! What I am saying is it is our interest in Britain to realize that as well ! Otherwise of course there is China ! Good luck !

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